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I have spent the past eleven years dedicated to the education of girls. My own experience of growing up in female environments—in an all-girls' high school and as a classical ballet student and teacher—was essential in allowing me to find my voice. All-girls environments provided the support and challenge I needed to define who I am.

I am enthusiastic about leading Emma Willard School as a school where we foster a culture that believes that the best is yet to come, and in our school we seek not to replicate our world but to improve it.

Jenny Rao, Head of School

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  • Events in the United States Capitol

    Head of School Jenny Rao
    Yesterday we all were astounded with the violence at the United States Capitol. The cornerstone of American democracy is the peaceful transition of power. That peaceful transition was challenged, and yet, ultimately the people’s work of counting the presidential electors was completed. These events, like so many in the past year and beyond, weigh heavily on our minds.
  • Elections Today

    Head of School Jenny Rao
    At Emma Willard School, this election season has been an opportunity to expand perspectives. As a community, we are asked to prioritize interpersonal connection even through our differences. This offers us the opportunity to try to make sense of the world together.
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  • Learn more about Jenny Rao

    Jenny Rao grew up in Mexico City, daughter of a Mexican mother and a British/American father. Feeling the absence of role models for women in Mexico at the time, Jenny decided to attend college in the U.S. From researching schools without a college counselor, to translating her teachers' recommendations into English, to taking SAT's without ever having seen a practice test, Jenny overcame the challenges and ultimately was accepted at Bates College, Maine.
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