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In Practicum, students explore ideas and passions through personalized, independent study.

Whether investigating emergency medicine, exploring a career path in architecture or law, teaching literacy, learning how to fence, or continuing an athletic pursuit not offered in the athletic program at Emma, Practicum serves a wide variety of interests and levels of expertise. Students partner with mentors, faculty advisors, coaches, peers, alumnae, and others to guide their learning through hands-on experiences on and off campus.

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Bridget McGivern

Bridget McGivern

Director of Practicum, Assistant Crew Coach, 11th Grade Class Dean
students in athletic uniforms waving pom poms

We started our week with a rousing pep rally introducing this spring’s athletic teams and Practicum athletes. 

Ava O. ’25 earlier this month on her new mount Colombia de Beaufour

Dedication is a mandatory requirement for any athletic endeavor, but for equestrians there are unique challenges presented in a sport with equine teammates. Practicum, Emma Willard School’s independent study program, eliminates the hurdles riders face, allowing them to participate in the sport they love. Practicum equestrians Ava O. ’25, Caroline G. ’23, and Isa J. ’23, reflect on their time with the program.

Photo of an alum holding ice skates next to a current student figure skating.

We continue our series of stories (originally printed in the Spring 2022 edition of Signature magazine) highlighting connections between Emma students past and present with ice dancers Polly Sidford Hodgkins ’56 & Victoria H. ’23. 

Tina and Ms. Schmidt wearing matching outfits during Spirit Week’s ‘Dress Like a Teacher Day.’

I was walking through Weaver last month when I encountered Tianning Tina Q. '22, who said, “Oh good, I’ve been looking for you.”

“Really?  Having me as your math teacher for 3 years wasn’t enough?  I am complimented!”

After having taught Tina her sophomore, junior, and senior years, we have a long and friendly relationship; a certain informality does creep in.

“I have an unusual question.  Are you able to read and write Yiddish?”

Taken from slightly behind, a student is holding a bow & arrow and readying to shoot, the photo is b&w student is in color.

This month's One of 360 of is Liz S. ’22, whose interests in archery and bee-keeping drew our attention. Liz was born in Baltimore, then was adopted at age seven and moved to New York with her family. Hear from Liz, in her own words: