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STEAM 9 and 10

Emma offers two transdisciplinary programs for ninth and tenth grades synthesizing science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. Both experiences are team-based and make use of digital portfolios.

STEAM 9 runs in the spring semester and is composed of two phases: modules that present model systems, and independent projects that extend one of the modules. STEAM 10 lasts for a year and allows students to deeply explore a given project focus. Both programs involve a culminating experience directed to the entire school community.

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Jon Calos

Jon Calos

Experiential Learning Department Chair, Signature Director, Homer L. Dodge Instructor in Science
students at beaver dam

Ava V. '26, Gisele N. '26, and Alexa F. ’26 (not photographed) are sampling water quality above and below a large network of beaver dams on the Poestenkill River as part of their STEAM 10 class. Their hypothesis is that a filtration effect from the beavers' handiwork may purify the water of chemicals and other pollutants downstream of the dams. In addition to collecting samples, they have placed trail cameras to track the activity around the main beaver lodge.

five students at a boot with information about their STEAM project

STEAM has an extensive history at Emma Willard School. Combining the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics, STEAM is a contemporary version of STEM education. At Emma Willard School, STEAM is entirely experiential and has influenced quite a few programs during its tenure on campus.

Emma Green and other climate change activists at the youth climate summit

The Adirondack Youth Climate Summit was held on November 8–9 at The Wild Center, with a team from Emma Green in attendance. Our students presented their STEAM 10 projects and helped develop a Climate Change Plan to bring back to the Emma community.

five students at a boot with information about their STEAM project

One of our STEAM 10 teams—Ella D. '25, Nadia M. '25, Olivia B. '25, and Roz K. '25—has been studying invasive fish of New York State.

an view of campus from above at night

STEAM 10 students were around campus after dark Tuesday evening, taking in the view from above. They are doing a study of light pollution and wanted to take a look at the Emma Willard School campus from above after dark.