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Equity & Justice

Living and learning in a global and inclusive community requires persistent and purposeful practice of the skills necessary to build and sustain equity and justice.

With the goal of creating an inclusive community, Emma Willard School teaches and models empathy, curiosity, and constructive dialogue. Curriculum is designed with the intention to develop learners capable of holding competing views in their minds while remaining engaged in challenging conversation. Through understanding and embracing difference, and through studying historical context, students gain a deeper appreciation for shared humanity and consider how they will use their strengths to be of service in the world. Students learn to practice critical thinking and self-reflection to identify and root out bias, to recognize the impact of power and privilege, and to pursue knowledge and truth. Within classrooms and across the school, students gain experience using their intellect and their voices to bridge the gap between understanding and action in the ongoing effort to make the world a more equitable place.

Community Engagement and Social Impact - students working at the food bank
Head of Equity and Inclusion Christine Gilmore launches MLK Day activities at Emma Willard School

Exploring Dr. King’s dream of equity for all, as well as the equity work that has been done and is still to come in a variety of intersecting areas