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Learning Support

The Learning Support Program at Emma Willard School is a resource dedicated to fostering academic, cognitive, and personal growth in students, and providing professional development for faculty in the skills and tools to support the needs of each individual learner.

Emma Willard School’s Learning Support Program is centered in 5 core values:

  • Mind Brain Education unites the fields of neuroscience, psychology, and education to understand the individual’s unique brain and work to maximize potential.
  • Unconditional Positive Regard centers care and grace in the relationship between educator and student, fostering the feeling of acceptance for the student and building opportunities for healthy risk taking and spontaneity. 
  • Growth and Resilience values the growth process over the end product, and focuses on building the skills, tools, and mindsets necessary to manage through adversity. 
  • Equity and Inclusion ensures that all learners have access to the opportunities that will allow them to thrive, and will know that their contributions to the community are valued.
  • Social Emotional Learning builds the tools, skills, and awareness to navigate everyday challenges and benefit academically and socially.

Contact Us

For more information on Learning Support, please contact:

Amber Towne

Director of Learning Support
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Emma Willard School’s Learning Support Program recognizes that each learner is unique and takes an individualized approach to supporting each learner.