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The Emma Willard School Technology Statement serves as the foundational guide for how technology is used throughout Emma Willard:

Emma Willard School aims to create a community where technology is used positively, safely, and with integrity. Drawing from our school mission to foster a love of learning and the habits of an intellectual life, we teach students to be curious and adaptable when making informed, thoughtful choices about technology. We strive to teach our students the skills and confidence to navigate responsibly and contribute productively as empathetic citizens in a digital world. In the classroom, we believe the purpose of educational technology is to enhance and support teaching and learning while respecting our foundational educational pedagogies. We also recognize the power of educational technology in extending learning and its ability to provide experiences that might not otherwise have been possible. Most importantly, we encourage our community to find a healthy balance when making decisions about technology use both in and out of the classroom.

Technology Initiatives

At Emma Willard, we are constantly striving to create new and exciting opportunities for both students and faculty to engage with technology outside of the classroom in ways that are purposeful for the Emma Willard community. This helps members create connections with the community and empower students to develop leadership skills while also learning about technology’s role in the world. Here are some examples of these initiatives:

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  • A/V Team

    A/V Team is a group of students who are enrolled in our Technical Theatre class who use their knowledge of theatrical lighting, sound, stage management, and the backstage world to support short-term performance events such as dance concerts, music concerts, weekly, assemblies, and guest speakers.
  • Tech Essentials

    The goal of the Tech Essentials class is to help all 9th grade students consistently learn foundational technology skills that are essential to working with technology as a student here at Emma Willard, as well as in the world. The course is meant to support each student in gaining the same baseline skills and knowledge to be successful throughout their 9th grade year and beyond. Fostering an environment where students support and learn from each other, Tech Essentials accommodates the wide range of technology skills students arrive with. Students will answer essential questions such as “How do I best create content for my classes?”, “How do I analyze and create a potential solution to a technical difficulty?”, and “How do I express my creativity and share my thoughts using tech?”
  • Educational Technology Team

    The Ed Tech Team is a group of classroom teachers, librarians, resident faculty, and technologists who meet on a regular basis to discuss how technology is used at Emma, how to best support teaching and learning, and how to find a healthy balance when using technology in daily life.
  • Emma Genius

    Emma Genius is a group of student volunteers who provide help to others in the community fixing technology issues and tips for how to best utilize technology at Emma.
  • Maker Space

    Our Maker Space in the basement of the Dietel Library you can try your hand at making fun 3D-printed creations, buttons, and more. From low-tech to high-tech, the possibilities are endless!
  • Robotics

    Emma Robotics Club members learn engineering and programming skills as they build competitive robots that compete in local VEX Robotics competitions. 
  • STEAM 9 Research

    Steam 9 Research is for ninth graders who are interested in a STEAM field (science, technology, engineering, arts, math). Students begin by exploring several hands-on projects with select faculty. During the second phase, students explore one of these projects independently, and give a final poster presentation on their work to the school community. Students maintain a portfolio to document their work. Enrollment is by application.
  • STEAM 10 Research

    STEAM 10 Research is for tenth graders who have demonstrated interest in a STEAM field (science, technology, engineering, arts, math). Students begin by identifying their STEAM interests, and are then matched with select faculty, who further develop their ideas into an individual project. Students work on their projects for the entire academic year, and give a final poster presentation before the school community. Students maintain a portfolio to document their work.


Emma Willard School has a BYOD (“Bring Your Own Device”) policy requiring students to have a working laptop computer while at Emma Willard. Laptops are used both inside and outside of the classroom. On campus, students have access to shared computers in the Dietel Library and printers located in the basement of Slocum Hall, on the main floor of the Dietel Library, and in the 2E-cafe. Wireless internet access is available throughout the entire campus. All classrooms are equipped with modern audio visual equipment. An Arts Lab equipped with iMacs is used for Digital Art & Photography courses.

Tech Tools

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  • Google Workspace

    Google Workspace - Emma Willard School’s preferred productivity suite includes Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Students will use Google Workspace to complete a majority of their coursework and to collaborate with other students.
  • MyEmma

    MyEmma - Our Learning Management System is the starting point for all things learning. On MyEmma, students check their classes for coursework, assignments, and discussions. Students also use MyEmma to keep in touch with groups and clubs, message teachers, and check their grades and progress.
  • Technology Resource Board

    Visit the Technology Resource Board on MyEmma to get information about laptop requirements, links to our Mac and Dell shops, and much more!
  • Third-party Tools

    Emma Willard School uses multiple third-party applications and web-based services, many of which require a student login, use a generic login, and/or store student information. We believe that these educational programs are essential to the learning experience. The Technology Department evaluates the privacy policy and terms of service of these third-party applications to best protect student privacy and data while supporting the learning experience. If you have any questions about which tools may be used by your student, please contact Nick Marchese (

Get Tech Help
Email our HelpDesk 
or drop by the Help Desk in the basement of Slocum Hall to get assistance with technology issues. If you want to communicate directly with someone from our Technology Department, please find their information below.

Nick Marchese
Director of Academic & Strategic Technology

Judith Curry
Director of Operational & Strategic Technology

Danny Whelchel
Computer Specialist

Raimie Utterback
Academic Technology Integrator

Tech News

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  • The home page of the website

    “Vultures of Emma Willard” Wins Congressional App Award

    By Luke Meyers
    A custom website created in collaboration between Emma Willard students Dia K. ’24 and Robyn W. ’24 has won first place in the 2022 Congressional App Award contest.
  • Owl devices remained front and center during Spring Showcase 2022, allowing families to view panel discussions remotely.

    COVID Keepers: Seeing the pandemic as a portal to a better future

    By Luke Meyers
    Nearly two years after the height of the COVID pandemic, we live in a world reimagined. Some of what seemed like short-term solutions or operational detours at the moment have proved to be catalysts for reframing the educational experience, engaging our community, and ensuring access. 
  • Director of Academic and Strategic Technology, Nick Marchese

    Four Questions for Nick Marchese: Loose Leaf Tea for the Win

    By Luke Meyers
    Mr. Nick Marchese is the director of academic and strategic technology at Emma Willard. Mr. Marchese joined the Emma Willard community in fall 2018, moving to Troy from Brooklyn, N.Y. where he worked at the Berkeley Carroll School. We asked him four questions about his experience at Emma.
  • National Center for Women and Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing Award winners Jessica Z. ’22 and Manu B. ’23

    Jessica Z. '22 and Manu B. '23 Earn Computer Science Honors

    By Melissia Mason
    Two Emma Willard School students have won National Honorable Mention Awards for the 2022 National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) Aspirations in Computing Awards. Jessica Z. ’22 and Manu B. ’23 were two of 400 selected from more than 3,500 amazing, talented young computer scientists to receive the honorable mention distinction.
  • Technology Integration and Cybersecurity Awareness

    Nick Marchese
    As first semester comes to a close, Director of Academic Technology Nick Marchese shares updates on integration in the classroom and email phishing training at Emma.
  • Notability (note-taking and annotation tool)

    Technology Inspires Innovation in the Classroom

    By Melissia Mason
    Working a geometry problem looks a bit different today than it once did. The traditional work of pencil on paper, chalk on chalkboard, and messy erasing has now been replaced with dynamic technology that facilitates active and collaborative problem-solving. But it doesn’t stop with geometry.
  • Mr. Marchese leads students through tech set-up

    Digital Citizenship and Cybersecurity Awareness Month

    By Nick Marchese
    October is Digital Citizenship and Cybersecurity Awareness Month! Director of Academic Technology Nick Marchese takes this opportunity to share three initiatives that are important pieces of cybersecurity at Emma Willard School.
  • College Board AP Computer Science Female Diversity Award

    Expanding Access to Computer Science Education

    By Sandra Santana
    Emma Willard School students are captivated by computer science. In 2020-21, Emma received honors for expanding young women’s access to advanced computer science classes, and our Emma Codes team excelled at the American Computer Science League competition.
  • Department chairs discuss online learning

    Virtually Emma: Technologically Speaking

    Interview with Nick Marchese
    The process of shifting Emma Willard School's learning atmosphere to Virtually Emma took rapid and extensive planning and creativity. As students were departing for the spring recess, the academic and technology teams geared up to tackle the transformation. Academic Technology Coordinator Nick Marchese took a moment to share some behind-the-scenes insight into this new adventure in learning. 
  • Virtually Emma: Online Learning Launches

    Suzanne Romero Dewey
    What are the essential elements in a learning environment and how do you rapidly put on-campus teaching and learning into a digital format for 355 students scattered around the globe in the midst of a pandemic? Thanks to a dedicated faculty, the forethought of a head of school, and an academic dean with a can-do attitude, online learning launched this week.
  • Jessica testing the team's robot

    Jessica Z. '22 and Lucy Z. '21 Earn Computer Science Honors

    Melissia Mason
    Emma Willard School is excited to announce that two of our students have won National Honorable Mention Awards for the 2020 National Center for Women & Information Technology Aspirations in Computing Awards. Jessica Z. '22 and Lucy Z. '21 were two of 360 girls selected from more than 4,700 amazing, talented young women to receive the honorable mention distinction. 
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