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Academic Technology

Emma Willard School aims to create a community where technology is used positively, safely, and with integrity. Drawing from our school mission to foster a love of learning and the habits of an intellectual life, we teach students to be curious and adaptable when making informed, thoughtful choices about technology.

We strive to teach our students the skills and confidence to navigate responsibly and contribute productively as empathetic citizens in a digital world. In the classroom, we believe the purpose of educational technology is to enhance and support teaching and learning while respecting our foundational educational pedagogies. We also recognize the power of educational technology in extending learning and its ability to provide experiences that might not otherwise have been possible. Most importantly, we encourage our community to find a healthy balance when making decisions about technology use both in and out of the classroom.

a group of Kyrgyz Educators with academics from Emma

Emma Willard School recently partnered with the International Center of the Capital Region to host a delegation of educators from the Kyrgyz Republic on a professional exchange through the US State Department’s International Visitor Leadership Program. Following a tour of campus, the delegation met with members of our Academic Technology team.

photo of a bulletin board with tips from Emma Genius posted on it

Last semester brought with it a variety of wins on the academic technology front at Emma. We’ve had continued success with our cybersecurity awareness training, and we’re seeing innovations in the use of technology across many disciplines on campus.

Four Questions for Nick Marchese: Loose Leaf Tea for the Win

Mr. Nick Marchese is the director of academic and strategic technology at Emma Willard. Mr. Marchese joined the Emma Willard community in fall 2018, moving to Troy from Brooklyn, N.Y. where he worked at the Berkeley Carroll School. We asked him four questions about his experience at Emma.


Office of Academic Technology

Nick Marchese

Nick Marchese

Director of Academic and Strategic Technology
Rachael Robison

Rachael Robison

Technical Theatre Director and Audio Visual Coordinator
Raimie Utterback

Raimie Utterback

Academic Technology Integrator, Scheduler