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Welcome to the admissions process at Emma Willard School

Applying to a new school can be overwhelming. The admissions team at Emma is here to help make the application process as easy as possible. To begin, download the checklist (below) to print out, put on the fridge, and easily track your Emma application process.

If you have every box checked, congratulations! Relax, and take a peek at Emma news. We look forward to being in touch in March.

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  • Application

    We can’t wait to meet you, even if it’s just on paper to start. This is your chance to tell us all about yourself.  We accept the following applications:

    If using the Emma Willard School application, you will need to create a myEmma username and password. Click on the Apply button anywhere on the site and follow these directions:
    1. Select the blue "Create Account" link to create a myEmma username and password.
    2. After entering your basic information, select the "Create Account" button.
      • Our system may recognize you by your email address!
      • If the system recognizes your email address, your email address will be highlighted in red after you press submit.
      • If this occurs, select the "Forgot Login?" button. You will then be prompted to enter your email address to receive an automatic reply containing your myEmma username and password.
      • Once you receive a myEmma username and password you will have access to complete the online application, monitor your progress through the admissions process and learn more about Emma Willard School.
  • Interview

    Aside from sending acceptance letters, this is our favorite part of the admissions process. We interview prospective students in a variety of ways: here on campus, in your homes or school as we travel, and via Skype or Vericant for international students. Please contact Mari Webb in the Admissions Office to schedule your interview at

    Emma Willard School has partnered with Vericant, a China-based organization that assists independent schools in interviewing students from Mainland China. To make good use of the interview process, admissions candidates residing in and attending school in China are required to interview with Vericant. Vericant will conduct interviews with candidates and offer short writing prompts. Please note that Vericant does not evaluate candidates; rather Vericant sends all information to Emma Willard’s Admission Office for assessment. 

    Please contact Vericant to schedule an appointment in a city near you. For interview scheduling and fee information, please visit Applicants from Mainland China must submit a Vericant interview by November 1. The Vericant interview will serve as the candidate's interview for admission.
  • Recommendations

    We love to hear from your current teachers. Hearing directly from them helps us learn even more about you, your strengths in the classroom, and what excites you most. We request completed recommendation forms from three current teachers, including your:
  • Transcripts

    The curriculum at Emma is rigorous. Your transcripts provide us with clues on how you will do academically here. The transcripts should come from an official at your school and contain a minimum of two years of credits as well as the first semester or trimester of the current academic year. Please fill out a transcript release form.
  • Application Fee

    The cost of application is $50 for a domestic student, and $100 for an international student. International students are determined by their permanent address. The application fee can be paid by credit card online, or by check via mail.
  • Testing

    While we look at much more than test scores when selecting our future Emma girls, standardized tests help us learn more about each girl’s academic background. Please sharpen your No. 2 pencils and take at least one of the following tests:
    • Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) - It is preferable to take this test in November, December, or January. Emma Willard School’s SSAT code is 2998.
    • SAT or Preliminary SAT (PSAT)
    • TOEFL - At least one of these tests is required for all our future students whose first language is not English. It is preferable if applicants can take the SAT or SSAT and the TOEFL test. Emma Willard School’s TOEFL code is 8629. Typically, grade 9 students will have a score in excess of 75. For grades 10 and 11, students generally have a score of 90 or above. We are no longer accepting TOEFL Junior to meet testing requirements.
    • The Duolingo English Test (DET)Emma Willard School offers the Duolingo English Test (DET) for international students as an alternative option to the TOEFL. The test is convenient and can be taken from home.

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Important Dates

International Application deadline:
January 15

Application deadline:
February 1

Financial aid application deadline:
February 1

Admissions decision:
March 10

Enrollment contract and deposit due:
April 10
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