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Why Emma?

Be your true self.

Above all else, the Emma Willard experience is one of deep exploration and expression of self. You will often hear it said: "There are 360 definitions of success here, one for every student." We don't have a hierarchy of skills or talents we place above others; what our community values is the pursuit of authentic purpose.

Find your voice here, then use it to serve and shape the world.


Legacy of Learning

Our history as educational innovators is both a proud legacy and an ambitious future for this school. We have fostered a lifelong love of learning in generations of girls and women. Emma Willard embraces that same spirit today, continuously evolving with the emergence of new instructional techniques and technology but rooted firmly in the kind of experiential, hands-on education that we've specialized in since 1814. Why should you choose Emma?

A History of Empowerment

Emma Hart Willard was a bold advocate for education, founding the first school of higher learning for girls. Today, we carry her vision forward by empowering students to pursue lives of extraordinary impact and purpose.

Our History.

Our founder Madame Emma Hart Willard

A Sense of Belonging

We believe an inclusive environment is directly linked to academic excellence, so you will find a global and diverse community at Emma. Here you'll meet classmates from all over the world who share one thing in common: the desire to be their own true selves.

Equity and Inclusion.

Two Emma athletes embrace on the sidelines of a sporting event

A Journey of Transformation

Education is not about completing a checklist; it's lighting the flame of intellectual curiosity for a lifetime. Our academic approach supports your purpose by bringing relevance, impact, and connection into the classroom.

Curricular Innovation.

Emma athletes embrace on the sidelines of a competition

Eight Great Things about Emma Willard School

It's impossible to encapsulate in one place all that a school with over 200 years of history has to offer. Emma Willard has been called home by future world leaders, entrepreneurs, Olympians, movie stars, and inventors. Whatever path you choose in life, here are 8 reasons we think it'd be great to start it at Emma.

See Emma in 360!

OneOf360 Profile Mash Up

Each of the 360 students at Emma Willard School has a unique story, they are truly one-of-a-kind. That's why we think the best way to find out if Emma is for you—aside from coming here to visit, of course—is to learn more about our students!

Our "One of 360" series profiles students from across the country and around the globe, with different passions and pursuits, and all with a unique perspective on their time at Emma Willard.

One of 360 Student Profiles