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Charitable Trusts

Charitable Trusts

There are two types of Charitable Remainder Trusts:
CHARITABLE REMAINDER ANNUITY TRUST (CRAT) in which distributions from the CRAT are fixed and determined at the time the CRAT is created. No additional assets can be added to a CRAT after its inception.
CHARITABLE REMAINDER UNITRUST (CRUT) in which the distributions from the CRUT are a fixed percentage of the fair market value of the assets in the trust on a fixed date each year. Additional assets can be contributed to the CRUT at any time by the donor.
Donors will make their decision as to which type of CRT best aligns with their tolerance for market fluctuations.
• You receive a sizable charitable income tax deduction in the year you transfer assets to the trust.
• The income from the CRT, together with your tax savings usually produces increased spendable income.
• Where the trust is funded with appreciated assets, the trust is able to sell the assets tax-free.
• The trust remainder may be designated for a specific priority at Emma Willard or it may be applied by the School to an area of greatest need when they receive the proceeds of the trust.
• Most importantly, the donor is often able to make a larger gift than they thought would otherwise be possible and have their gift impact the distinctive education that generations of Emma Girls will receive.

The information presented on these web pages is not offered as legal or tax advice. You are urged to seek the advice of your tax advisor, attorney, and/or financial planner to make certain any gift you are considering fits well in your specific circumstances.

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If you have any questions about how a Charitable Remainder Trust might help you create your legacy at Emma Willard School, please contact Jack Sise, Director of Gift Planning, at or by phone at 518-833-1831.

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