Celebrated Women

There are many accomplished Emma Willard School alumnae—both in history and today.
Emma Willard School students from across generations share a commitment to serving and shaping their world. We proudly boast the achievements of our vast alumnae network, including historic trailblazers, experts, and philanthropists, while recognizing the women who are making a difference in their local communities and the world at large today. 

Alumnae Recognition Awards

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  • Alumnae Recognition Award

    Honors an alumna, who graduated 25 or more years ago, for embodying the values core to Emma Willard’s vision, including a love of learning, intellectual curiosity, and the character, moral strength, and qualities of leadership to serve and shape her world.
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  • Young Alumna Award

    Honors an alumna who has graduated within the past 20 years, for embodying one or more values core to Emma Willard’s vision, including a love of learning, intellectual curiosity, and the character, moral strength, and qualities of leadership to serve and shape their world.
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  • Career Achievement Award

    Each year, Emma Willard School recognizes two outstanding alumnae who have made significant contributions to their chosen career field through their service, research, innovations, breakthrough developments, and more.
  • Humanitarian and Global Service Award

    This award recognizes an alumna’s volunteer commitment and leadership which has had a broad impact on the health and the improvement of the human condition. The award will be given to a person who has dedicated at least five years to domestic and/or international volunteer service and who exemplifies humanitarian ideals and attributes.
  • Service to Emma Willard Award

    Honors an alumna who has demonstrated extraordinary interest in the school through dedicated volunteer service that has inspired others.
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Emma alumnae are strong leaders who are committed to leaving their mark on our world.

2020 Alumnae Recognition Awards

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  • Distinguished Alumna Award - Claire Lucas ’80

    Distinguished Alumna Claire Lucas ’80

    Claire Lucas '80 has a long history of civic leadership and advocacy. She has served in leadership roles with the Democratic National Committee, presidential campaigns, and as a presidential appointee to the US Agency for International Development. She has dedicated herself to advocating for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender rights and political representation.
  • Distinguished Young Alumna Award - Abigail Wilpers ’05

    Distinguished Young Alumna Abigail Wilpers ’05

    Abigail Wilpers '05 has a fierce determination and unwavering drive to provide and improve person-centered and family-centered care for women and families following fetal diagnosis during pregnancy. Recognizing the grave importance of this work and the lack of research and attention paid to these issues has rapidly propelled her into positions of influence to affect change.
  • Career Achievement Award - Andrea Hanley ’95

    Career Achievement - Andrea Hanley ’95

    Andrea Hanley '95 has a competitive spirit that has fostered many successes on and off the playing field. She now uses that spirit to lead her transportation training company’s initiative “Troops into Transportation” which has placed over 6,000 veterans in jobs since 2012. 
  • Career Achievement - Karen Holl ’85

    Karen Holl '85 is one of the foremost experts on forest restoration. Her tireless efforts and knowledge of natural history and ecological restoration ensure we can begin to heal our planet properly. Distinguished educator and scientist, her life’s work highlights how scientific study informs equitable and sustainable policy around the world.
  • Humanitarian and Global Service Award - Rebecca Martin Evarts ’70

    Humanitarian and Global Service - Rebecca Martin Evarts ’70

    Rebecca “Becky” Evarts '70 is this year’s recipient of a Humanitarian and Global Service Award. A multilingual writer and editor, Becky has been working to improve the lives of children in Central America for more than a decade. She is on the Board of Safe Passage, a non-profit organization bringing education, hope, and opportunity to families living in and around Guatemala City’s garbage dump.
  • Humanitarian and Global Service - Hillary MacKenzie-Brown Savoie ’00

    Hillary Savoie '00 made the birth of her daughter the catalyst to becoming an advocate for children born with rare genetic mutations. Hillary’s volunteer-driven Cute Syndrome Foundation has funded dozens of research projects to help expand scientific knowledge.
  • Service to Emma Willard Award - Wendy Graham ’85

    Service to Emma Willard - Wendy Graham ’85

    Wendy Graham '85 steps up to leadership roles and delights in all things Emma Willard. Her continuing service on the Board of Trustees is marked by a professional and thoughtful approach to the issues at hand. She has given generously as a mentor to new board members and school leadership. Her philanthropic insights and work ethic as Chair of The Emma Fund culminated in the Bicentennial year and the largest-ever fund total on record.
  • Service to Emma Willard - Katy Haight Milford ‘65

    Service to Emma Willard - Katy Haight Milford ‘65

    Katy Haight Milford '65 has served Emma Willard School in many capacities, including all 11 of her reunion committees—often as chair—and serving for 12 years on the Alumnae Association Council. In addition to her reunion work, she has organized phonathons, assisted with numerous admissions activities, served on the 2014 Bicentennial Celebration Committee, and helped plan regional gatherings.
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