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Generations of talented, driven women have passed through Emma's gray walls.

More than 8,000 women worldwide found a deep network of sisterhood and empowerment that extends far beyond campus. If someone is overheard saying they studied at Emma Willard School, there’s often an alumna eager to share her experience and support.

We encourage and promote these connections between our graduates, and hope to foster them further through engaging alumnae events and opportunities for involvement.

Alumnae News

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  • Libby's Interactive Art: Scrunchies

    Artistic Expression Makes the Invisible Visible

    As a community, Emma Willard School values the impact that creativity can have across disciplines, bringing us together, transcending differences, and building profound connections. Seeing through the eyes of an artist inspires us to perceive the world in a new way. Libby Evan ’16 uses soft sculpture to focus on her experience having an invisible disability and the search to make the invisible visible.
  • Karen Holl PhD '85 speaks to a science class at Emma Willard School

    “The right tree, the right place, the right time”: Karen Holl PhD ‘85 visits Emma Willard School Science Class

    Kaitlin Resler
    Last Spring, Karen Holl PhD '85 was one of four alumnae who presented during the first Eunice Newton Foote Climate Talk at Emma Willard School. The virtual event was moderated by Science Instructor and Sara Lee Schupf Family Chair in Curriculum Excellence and Innovation Megan Labbate, and when Dr. Holl mentioned she would be returning to campus in Fall 2021 for a visit, she coordinated to present, in-person, to one of Ms. Labbate’s science classes.
  • Jon Calos, Chair of Experiential Learning, Signature Director, Homer L. Dodge Instructor in Science

    Sharing Signature: Jon Calos Co-Authors First Capstone Book

    By Melissia Mason
    In leading the Signature program at Emma Willard School for many years, Jon Calos has developed a depth of knowledge that begs to be shared. First through involvement in the National Capstone Consortium, and now in the release of his first co-authored book, Jon has set out to make sure others feel empowered to bring a capstone program to their own schools.
  • Reunion 2021

    By Sandra Santana
    Over the last 15 months, the world collectively awaited their reunions with loved ones, friends, classmates, and more. One year ago, we made a difficult announcement that a return to campus for Reunion 2020 would not be possible. While we hoped to welcome classes back to Mount Ida for celebrations in 2021, the health and safety of our community remained as our top priority. Ultimately, we made the determination that an in-person reunion in June 2021 would not be possible and charged forward with a robust virtual platform.
  • An early illustration of Troy Female Seminary

    Celebrating 200 Years in Troy

    Head of School Jenny Rao
    Two hundred years ago today, on May 8, 1821, Emma Hart Willard welcomed the first students to Troy Female Seminary, which was later renamed Emma Willard School.

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