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Generations of talented, driven women have passed through Emma's gray walls.

More than 8,000 women worldwide found a deep network of sisterhood and empowerment that extends far beyond campus. If someone is overheard saying they studied at Emma Willard School, there’s often an alumna eager to share her experience and support.

We encourage and promote these connections between our graduates, and hope to foster them further through engaging alumnae events and opportunities for involvement.

Alumnae News

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  • An early illustration of Troy Female Seminary

    Celebrating 200 Years in Troy

    Head of School Jenny Rao
    Two hundred years ago today, on May 8, 1821, Emma Hart Willard welcomed the first students to Troy Female Seminary, which was later renamed Emma Willard School.
  • Courtney Breiner ’15

    Forming Bonds through the Emma Connect App

    When Courtney Breiner ’15 downloaded the Emma Connect app during her induction to the Alumnae Association her senior year, she didn’t give it much thought. But just a few years later, the connections that the app provided set her on an exciting journey. Continue reading for Courtney’s story...
  • Science Instructor and Sara Lee Schupf Family Chair in Curriculum Excellence And Innovation Megan Labbate moderating Zoom panel discussion

    Alumnae Discuss Climate Change, Inaugural Eunice Newton Foote Climate Talk

    Suzanne Romero Dewey
    Eunice Newton Foote, one of Emma’s earliest alumnae (Troy Female Seminary, which later became Emma Willard School), exemplifies the school’s mission to serve and shape the world. She attended the school in 1836-38 and credited her time in Troy as influential to her later work. Her 1856 paper “Circumstances Affecting the Heat of the Sun’s Rays” was the first to detail how increased levels of carbon dioxide make the earth warmer. Her discovery about greenhouse gases greatly contributed to modern climate science. In honor of Earth Day, Emma Willard School invited four alumnae to share their knowledge on climate science in the inaugural Eunice Newton Foote Climate Talk held on April 21, 2021. 
  • Some of the women we remember when reflecting on Women's History Month

    Women’s History Personified

    Melissia Mason
    More than 200 years ago, the bold and courageous Emma Hart Willard founded a school where girls would experience the same opportunities available to their brothers—to learn, to lead, to invent, and discover! Each year during Women’s History Month, we become acutely aware of contributions to women’s history all around us.
  • The League of Women Voters article as it appeared in the Fall 2020 edition of Signature

    When Women Organize

    Melissia Mason
    The Fall 2020 edition of Signature magazine celebrated the visionary leadership of Emma Willard School alumnae across the decades since the passage of the 19th Amendment in 1920. One piece of this leadership came in the form of participation in the League of Women Voters. This Women's History Month, we honor the women who taught generations how to leverage the right to vote through the League of Women Voters.

Alumnae Events

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