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Step outside of yourself in Emma Willard School's theatre program.

The cast and crew of Almost, Maine

The Emma Willard School Theatre Department embraced the month of love in their winter production of Almost, Maine, written by John Cariani in a series of vignettes addressing themes of love and loss. 

A toy bird sits on a table amid other objects.

The Emma Willard School Theatre Department opened this year’s season with an adaptation of Daphne DuMaurier’s short story, “The Birds” (also the basis for Alfred Hitchcock's classic film). The adaptation is set in post-World War II in an isolated house, with several strangers sheltering from a relentless mass of attacking birds. Physically safe, but psychologically unsettling, the characters grapple with concepts of love and survival.

The cast of The Earthling giving credit to the crew

The Emma Willard School Theatre Department took a deep dive into devised theatre for their winter production, The Earthling. The story follows a time-and-space-traveling “Earthling” who arrives on Mars to help a small remnant of inhabitants solve their need for water.

Cast of Fall Play 2022 Anti-Gone

The Emma Willard School Theatre Department opened this year’s season with an adaptation of the Greek tragedy Antigone by Sophocles. The adaptation, set in post-World War II Greece, follows Antigone as she struggles with the decision of whether to follow her heart—be “herself”—or bow to pressure from those in power.

the cast of All in the Timing on a Zoom screen

During the COVID-19 lock-down in the fall of 2020, the Emma Theatre Department presented their first ever virtual play, "All in the Timing"

one student helping another student with makeup

Backstage: hair and makeup for the Fall 2021 production In a Grove

two students on stage in black clothing in the fall 2021 play In a Grove

The Emma Willard School Theatre Department presented its first in-person performance in over 18 months with their staging of In a Grove: Four Japanese Ghost Stories

the cast and crew of In a Grove in the black Lab Theatre

Fall 2021 production In a Grove

The cast and crew of Almost, Maine

The cast and crew of Almost, Maine

two people looking at a painting

“Seeing the Thing” featuring Yuri O. ’25 as Dave and Kiki R. ’25 as Rhonda
“This is a porch.”
“Why don’t we go inside, and I'll show you.”
“Whupped your butt, Arctic Cat-Man!”
“I'm trickin’ it!”
“It's roadkill!”

One person sitting, holding a small red bag, one person standing nearby

“Getting it Back” featuring Ivy Z. ’27 as Gayle and Juliette A. ’25 as Lendall
“You gave me so much.”
“I want it back...all the love I gave you...I want it back.”
“What comes next for people who have been together for quite a long time…”

two people looking toward the sky, standing behind a picket fence

“Her Heart” featuring Doah K. ’27 as Glory and Maci C. ’25 as East
“I’m a repairman. I fix things.”
“Because I killed him.”
“Hello, East.”
“No! I really don't know what happened.” 
“Yeah. ’Cause my real one's broken.”
“You have my heart!”

three people in a diner, one in a white dress, one a waitress, one with an undone tie

“Sad and Glad” featuring Ella B. ’26 as Jimmy, Gisele N. ’26 as Sandrine, and Abena A. ’25 as Villian
“Oh, buddy…”
“He was a good fish, though.”
“No, really! You gotta holla. It's busy up front.”
“I'm glad you found me.”

two pairs of actors sitting on benches on opposite sides of the stage

“They Fell” featuring Sarah S. ’27 as Shelly, Abbe A-N. ’27 as Deena, Eden K. ’27 as Chad, and Kira H. ’26 as Randy
“Aw, buddy”
“Oh, I don't know, ’cause you know what?”
“I’m telling you, I had a pretty bad time myself.”
“38 Miles.”
“But then I kinda came out of bein’ sad and actually felt okay, ’cause I realized that there is one thing in this world that makes me feel really good, and that does make sense, and it’s you.”
“I’ve fallen in love with you!”

two students seated on a bench, one holding a book that says %22Things I'm Afraid Of%22

“This Hurts” featuring Portia H. ’24 as Marvalyn and Ava W. ’24 as Steve
“See, See, See!”
“A lot of deficiencies and not many capacities.”
“Most people go away…”
“No blood, no discoloration... I'm alright.”

a person with a suitcase standing near a person in front of a door

“Story of Hope” featuring Comet D. ’26 as Hope and Tra My D. ’27 as Daniel
“Plumbing way up there.”
“...people in small towns really don’t know each other any better than in big towns…”
“Lost hope does a number on you.”

a person wearing ear muffs and a person in a hat holding a snowball together, each with a hand on it

Prologue and Epilogue featuring Sophie L. ’25 as Pete and Ash L-S. ’25 as Ginnette
“Hypothetically, if the world was round, like a ball, like a snowball…”
“The farthest away you can be from somebody is if you’re sitting right next to them…”

two students looking at the sky

“Where it Went” featuring Cev S. ’24 as Phil and Maya L-C. ’25 as Marci.
“I'm not mad.”
“‘When you wish upon a star,’ not, ‘when you wish upon a planet…’”
“You lie.”
“And then ... a shoe that looks exactly like Marci's other shoe drops from the sky. (stage directions)”
“And I'm lonely. You just…you don't pay attention anymore. You go away.”

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