Gender Guidelines

Gender Inclusion Guidelines

As part of our ongoing work in diversity, equity and inclusion, our Gender Guidelines describe how Emma Willard approaches gender diversity within our girls’ school mission. 

For the past two years, Emma Willard’s administration, board of trustees and faculty have been working together on the topic of gender diversity. Like many of our peer schools, we formed a task force to study this topic and have consulted with experts in the field and other schools to better understand gender diversity within a girls’ school mission. Our students have raised questions and looked to the school for greater clarity on the school’s practices. The understanding of gender has expanded and deepened over time. As the world evolves, so do our students, and the Emma Willard program and community is built to help our students thrive as individuals and citizens for the world ahead. 

We believe academic excellence is inextricably linked to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. Nurturing each student’s unique path and fostering care and respect for all community members builds a learning environment that is inclusive, safe and vibrant. Our efforts are to ensure our mission reaches each student fully. With this objective in mind, we have adopted the following guidelines:
  • Our mission is and remains girls’ education.
  • With respect to admissions, Emma Willard School will consider for admission any  applicant who is assigned female at birth and/or identifies as a girl and is well served by Emma Willard’s mission.
  • Current students who no longer identify as girls are welcome at Emma Willard School.
  • As always, we will work compassionately and on a case-by-case basis with each family to determine whether Emma Willard offers the best community and learning  environment in which the student can thrive.
The cultural dialogue around gender is evolving rapidly. We will continue to adapt our practices to best serve our students. We are inspired and guided by our mission, and work every day to live more fully and truly into our purpose.
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