Reunion Giving

Your participation makes a difference. Thank you!
Each member of the Emma Willard Community wishes we were together to celebrate our Reunion 2020 Classes. Even though we can’t be together the way we would like, we want to recognize the 203 donors that have contributed $406,935 in honor of their reunion, in support of the Crisis Fund at EW, and in honor of the Class of 2020.

Thank you for unwavering support of your School. You have shown students that, even in the midst of these challenging times, graduates of Emma Willard are a community of caring, creative, and resilient people. Without a doubt, the example you set for our students has let them know they are part of a community larger than themselves.

Highlights of the 2020 Reunion Gift Program

Class that raised the most this year: 

Congratulations to our 50th Reunion Class of 1970 with $130,945 from 37 donors


Classes with the most volunteers:

Congratulations to the Class of 1960, Class of 1970, and Class of 1980 


Classes that raised over $50,000: 

Congratulations Class of 1985 with $61,122 

Congratulations Class of 1965 with $72,085

Congratulations Class 1970 with $130,945


Class with the most loyal donors:

Congratulations to the Class of 1950 with 29 members who have given for 25 years or more!


The success of every great organization rests on its outstanding volunteers. The following alumnae gave of their talent and time to foster relationships with their classmates. Please join us in thanking your Reunion Committee volunteers: 
Keven Bellows

Polly Allen 
Beverly Burke Gunther
Sue Decker Hendricks
Anne Purdy Massey
Nancy WoodrowMckelvy
Kendra Stearns O'Donnell

Katy Haight Milford
Julia Berwick
Michal Colby Wadsworth
Jane Neufeld
Leslie Quinn Stanton

Rachel Goodstein
Ann Gambling Hoffman
Barbara Nash
Anna Hill Price
Deborah W. Smith 

Janis Cohen
Erica Ling
Antonia (Tona) Stolper
Lucy Schwab Blythe
Hilary Kirshman Chalmers
Elaine Sosnick Kahn
Meredith Manning
Kathryn McHugh
Wendy Graham
Dana Alexander Kaleta
Sally Klingenstein Martell
Jennifer Schmelter

Cristin Palacios

Andrea Hanley
Wendy Liu

Lauren Ford
Rachel Gardner
Megan Toohey Scremin

Ngozi Mogoli
McKenzie Yezzi

Courtney Breiner
Elsie Campbell
Annie Carver 
Kate McCarthy


Mark your calendars for a Reunion Extravaganza on June 11-13 2021. The Classes ending in 5 & 0 will be joining the Classes ending in 6 & 1 for a huge celebration on campus.
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