Celebrated Women

Past ARA Recipients

Distinguished Alumna
Claire Lucas '80
Distinguished Young Alumna
Abigail Wilpers '05
Career Achievement
Andrea Hanley '95
Career Achievement
Karen Holl '85
Humanitarian and Global Service
Rebecca Martin Evarts '70
Humanitarian and Global Service
Hillary Mackenzie-Brown Savoie '00
Service to Emma Willard
Wendy Graham '85
Service to Emma Willard
Katy Haight Milford '65
2019Distinguished AlumnaRev. Dr. Nancy S. Taylor ’74
2019Distinguished Young AlumnaDr. Heidi K. Knobluch ’04
2019Humanitarian and Global ServiceDr. Ann Aldershof Helmus ’79
2019Humanitarian and Global ServiceJudith A. Kleiner ’74
2019Humanitarian and Global ServiceDrusilla Escher Malavase ’54
2019Career AchievementDr. Emelia J. Benjamin ’74
2019Career AchievementJan Windmiller Midgley ’64
2019Service to Emma WillardDennett Page ’69
2018Distinguished AlumnaEmily Morse Camp ’63
2018Outstanding Young AlumnaLaura Reyes ’03
2018Service to Emma WillardLisa Allen LeFort ’72 
2017Distinguished AlumnaNancy Spector ’77
2017Outstanding Young AlumnaEmily Steinberg ’97
2017Service to Emma WillardSamantha Jones ’92 
2016Distinguished AlumnaAnn V. Beach ’76
2016Outstanding Young AlumnaJamila Best ’06
2016Service to Emma WillardAnne F. Collins ’56 
2015Distinguished AlumnaJennifer Newell Easton ’65
2015Outstanding Young AlumnaAmelia Marstaller ’09
2015Service to Emma WillardErica Ling ’75
2013Distinguished AlumnaRebecca Jones ’88       
2013Service to Emma WillardAnne DePrez ’73 
2013Young AlumnaJessica Harper ’93         
2012Accomplished AlumnaSarah Soule ’77
2012HumanitarianLinda LeSourd Lader ’67
2012Life AchievementMartha Stauffer ’52
2012No service award given
2011Accomplished AlumnaMary Price Taylor Harrison ’76
2011HumanitarianAnne F. Collins 1956
2011Life AchievementSusan Doyle Knowles 1961 
2011Outstanding Young AlumnaRebekah Strock Layton 2001
2011Service to Emma WillardTina Neighbors Hardenbergh 1951
2010Accomplished AlumnaErica Ling 1975
2010HumanitarianEvelyn Reading 1950
2010Life AchievementSusan Williams O’Sullivan 1965
2010Outstanding Young AlumnaEmily Neubauer 2000
2010Service to Emma WillardMichal Colby Wadsworth 1965
2009Accomplished AlumnaKirsten Rutnik Gillibrand 1984
2009HumanitarianNandita Sugandhi 1994
2009Life AchievementLilian Armstrong 1954
2009Outstanding Young AlumnaSusan Moss Burch 1989
2009Service to Emma WillardDeborah Dodds 1979
2008Accomplished AlumnaVanessa George 1983
2008HumanitarianBarbara Nabrit-Stephens 1968
2008Life AchievementBonnie Scott Jelinek 1963
2008Outstanding Young AlumnaDeborah Frease Geraghty 1988   
2008Service to Emma WillardEllen Braestrup Strickler 1953
2007Accomplished AlumnaLyne Johnson Pitts 1972
2007HumanitarianNancy Van Wie 1982 
2007Life AchievementTonnie Schwartz Katz 1962
2007Outstanding Young AlumnaAmy Chiaro 1992
2007Service to Emma WillardMargaret Caney Conant 1967
2007Service to Emma WillardSusan Blackwell McNamara 1957
2007Service to Emma WillardDiane Drew 1967
2007Service to Emma WillardKathrin Phelan Midgley 1992
2006Accomplished AlumnaElizabeth Colton 1966
2006Life AchievementPriscilla Smart Weck 1951
2006Life AchievementNancy Linkroum Pennell 1961
2006Outstanding Young AlumnaKishwer Nehal 1986
2006Service to Emma WillardAnn V. Beach 1976
2006Service to Emma WillardRuth Kramer Ziony 1961
2006Service to Emma WillardDiane Wynne Mercer 1961
2005Accomplished AlumnaNancy Veeder 1955
2005HumanitarianSusan Murcott 1970
2005Life AchievementLibby Pockman Hughes 1950
2005Outstanding Young AlumnaKristen Lepore 1995
2005Service to Emma WillardMartha McMasters Pearson 1970
2005Service to Emma WillardBeverly Burke Gunther 1960
2005Service to Emma WillardLaura Bedford O’Donnell 1985
2005Service to Emma WillardSally Klingenstein Martell 1985
2004Accomplished AlumnaJaclyn Canning Murphy 1964
2004Humanitarian *Betsy Upton Stover 1969
2004Life AchievementCarol Heeks Brice 1954
2004Outstanding Young AlumnaErin Crotty 1984
2004Service to Emma WillardWendy Pestel Lehmann 1964
2004Service to Emma WillardAnno Bent Murphy 1969
2004Service to Emma WillardMary Hough Blair 1949
2003Accomplished AlumnaRonna S. Cohen 1973
2003Accomplished AlumnaRuth A. Scovill 1968
2003Life AchievementEmira (Florence) Habiby Browne 1958
2003Outstanding Young AlumnaAlicia Hafner 1993
2003Service to Emma WillardBetts Howes Murray 1973
2003Service to Emma WillardElizabeth "Biddy" Harte Owens 1968
2003Service to Emma WillardKatharine Mills Berry 1953
2002Accomplished AlumnaHannah Chase Kinney 1967
2002Life AchievementSarah Schemm McDermott 1952
2002Outstanding Young AlumnaRoseanne Bell 1982
2002Service to Emma WillardMaryann Mettler Croner 1957
2001Accomplished AlumnaEleanor Shatsky Lazarus 1951
2001Accomplished AlumnaBonnie Caspar Winston 1966
2001Life AchievementPolly Ormsby Longsworth 1951
2001Life AchievementJane Seddon Willson 1941
2001Outstanding Young AlumnaElizabeth Walsh 1981
2001Service to Emma WillardPatrica A. Connally 1941
2000Accomplished AlumnaJennifer Bergin von Mayrhauser Cottrell 1965
2000Accomplished AlumnaAlisa Cahill Henderson 1970
2000Life AchievementEleanor Kinney Clark 1965
2000Outstanding Young AlumnaMeredith Manning 1980
2000Service to Emma WillardMary Lawrence Crawford 1950
1999Accomplished AlumnaSarah M. Stearns 1969
1999Life AchievementJulia Andrus Aubry 1933
1999Outstanding Young AlumnaMarianne Gunther 1979
1999Service to Emma WillardElizabeth Ffolliott Swoyer 1929
1998Accomplished AlumnaSara Lubin Schupf 1958
1998Life AchievementJean Bernhard Buttner 1953
1998Outstanding Young AlumnaCynthia E. Skripak 1978
1998Outstanding Young AlumnaColeman Hough 1978
1998Service to Emma WillardFae MacChesney Page 1938
1997Accomplished AlumnaLaurie Burt 1967
1997Life AchievementDorothy Sayce Falk 1947
1997Outstanding Young AlumnaJyoti P. Srivastava 1977
1997Service to Emma WillardElissa Robison Prout 1952
1996Accomplished AlumnaJane M. Wales 1966
1996Accomplished AlumnaMichael Gage 1961
1996Life AchievementJoan Morrisey Altekruse 1946
1996Life AchievementElizabeth ("Bunt") Whitman Karter 1941
1996Outstanding Young AlumnaDr. Robin Bell 1976
1996Service to Emma WillardVictoria Thompson Winterer 1961
1995Accomplished AlumnaNancy Woodrow McKelvy 1960
1995Accomplished AlumnaBetsey Rubin Rosenbaum 1960
1995Life AchievementMargo Warncke Krause 1950
1995Outstanding Young AlumnaAntonia Stolper 1995
1995Service to Emma WillardClementine Miller Tangeman 1923
1994Life AchievementElizabeth Fessenden Washburn 1932
1994Outstanding Young AlumnaJoanne Loewy Antoniello 1979
1994Service to Emma WillardJameson Adkins Baxter 1961
1993Life AchievementAllelu Beal Kurten 1993
1993Life AchievementMary Lake Polan 1961
1993Outstanding Young AlumnaSusan Gawler 1973
1993Service to Emma WillardIrene Mennen Hunter 1935
1992Life AchievementMary Hart Keeley 1937
1992Outstanding Young AlumnaSarah Peabody Turnbaugh 1972
1992Service to Emma WillardRuth A. Scherm 1942
1992Service to Emma WillardJoyce Wyman Hyde 1942
1991Life AchievementSarah Hooker Knutti 1931
1991Outstanding Young AlumnaM. Parker Anderson 1971
1991Service to Emma WillardKathleen Howell 1958
1990Life AchievementHope McEldowney Kobak 1940
1990Life AchievementMargaret Newton 1945
1990Outstanding Young AlumnaDonna Krupkin Whitney 1970
1990Service to Emma WillardJosephine Clapp Osbun 1940
1989Life Achievement*Jane Fonda 1955
1989Life Achievement*Kendra Stearns O'Donnell 1960
1989Outstanding Young Alumna*Dennett Page 1969
1989Service to Emma Willard*Linda Remington Dietel 1948

* Inaugural Award
-No awards were given during the Bicentennial year
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