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The success of every great organization rests on its outstanding volunteers. The following alumnae are giving of their talent and time to foster relationships with their classmates. 

Class of 1952
Elissa Robison Prout

Class of 1957
Susan Blackwell McNamara
Sarah Harris Pinney

Class of 1962
Carol "Alix" Kriloff Bradfield
Deborah Rose Cravets
Class of 1967
Diane Drew
Denise Sweeney Hartman
Martha Stearns Patrick
Mary Josephs Reilly

Class of 1972
Holly Domenie Adams
Andy Wright Barrett
Molly Kapteyn Boxer
Judy Collins
Betsy Gifford Gross
Jenny Sage Hunt
Elizabeth Johnson
Lisa Allen Lefort
Julie Nelson
Casey Clark Obert
Lucy Payne Pollack
Madeline Shaw
Nancy Sinsabaugh
Alice van Straalen
Class of 1977
Linda Gill Anderson
Helen “Honnie” Edwards
Kitty Ford-Daly
Heliena Fox
Debra Aaronson Lawless
Sarah Goodwin Soule
Wiebke Noack Theodore
Pat Wright
Class of 1982
Annabel Van Schoonhoven Felton
Marilyn Dunham Fountain
Valerie Gonyea
Jenny Moore Plane
Lisa Radcliffe
Class of 1987
Jeannine Albert Conover
Christy DeWitt George
Lisa Schlansker Kolosek
Athena Nagi Mays
Amy Rubenstein
Liza Tonetti

Class of 1992
Shannon Blaisdell
Samantha Jones

Class of 1997
Jennifer Bennett Laflin
Amanda Poppei

Class of 2002
Laura Burgess
Candice Corvetti
Class of 2007
Claire Feinberg

Class of 2012
Desmond Holliday
Linnhe Kapner
Nicole Ratelle
Class of 2017
Gianalis Caba
Ella Kolosek
Hannah Lang
Kristen Pontin
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Welcome to Emma Willard School, a private day and boarding high school for girls in Troy, NY, and a leader in girls' education for over 200 years. 

PLEASE NOTE: All visitors to campus must check in with Campus Safety, which can be found at the red flag entrance to Sage Hall (Pawling Ave. entrance).