Affording Emma

Emma Willard School Scholarships

Emma Willard School is proud to offer the following named scholarships. No additional application materials are necessary.
Emma Willard Scholar Award in Memory of Margaret Amster
Avenir Foundation Scholarship Fund for the Daughters of Educators
Avenir Endowment for General Financial Aid
Edna Taylor Baker Endowed Scholarship
Jameson A. and Reginald R. Baxter Scholarship
BBL Construction Services Scholarship
Charlotte Bulllions Blandy Scholarship
Emma Willard Scholar Award in Memory of Judith Ellen and Robert W. Brown
Bull Scholarship
Donald V. Buttenheim Scholarship
Kim MacKie Cameron Scholarship
Emily Camp ’63 Scholarship
Eleanor Kinney Clark Scholarship
Class of 1961 Scholarship
Class of 1969 Scholarship
Class of 1995 Scholarship
Elizabeth Colton Scholarship
Elizabeth Wright Colton ’44 Scholarship
Ardelle Fenn Darling ’58 Scholarship
Davenport Scholarship Fund
Designated Scholarship Quasi-Endowment
William Moore Dietel Scholarship
Emma Willard Scholar Award in Honor of Linda Remington Dietel '48 and William Moore Dietel, Principal Emeritus
English-Speaking Union (aka Elsbeth Molton Scholarship)
Ellen Carter Speers Scholarship (akaThe Fairfield County Scholarship)
Fallon Scholarship
Jane Fonda '55 Scholarship
Frear Hauck Scholarship
Sallie Gardner Endowed Scholarship
General Scholarship Fund
Geraghty-Jenkins Family Scholarship Fund
Gurley Family Scholarship 
William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship
Hudson-Dillaye-Hastings Scholarship
Barbara Kelly Hull ’59 Scholarship Fund
Irene Mennen Hunter '35 Scholarship
Kate Bonnell Idema Class of 1937 Scholarship Fund
Margeret McClellan Jones ’37 Scholarship
Eliza Kellas Scholarship
Claire Mangus Kleiner Scholarship
Emma Willard Scholar Award in Honor of Deborah Doyle Knowles '63 
Lanctot Sisters Scholarship Fund
LaViola Scholarship Fund
Leadership Scholarships
Maddie Levitt Scholarship
L.I.S.Z. Found. Scholarship
Russell F. Locke Scholarship
Frances Mary Thomas Ludlow Scholarship
Meredith Manning Endowed Scholarship
Sarah Klingenstein Martell '85 Scholarship
Mary Andrus McGee Scholarship
Merrill Scholarship
Francis Morrow Scholarship
Nancy F. Mullan Scholarship
Charlene Saunders Nederlander ’52 Scholarship
New York City Scholarship
Dr. Margot Remington Oman ’65 Scholarship Fund
Elizabeth Harte Owens '68 Endowed Scholarship
Fae MacChesney Page '38 Scholarship
Sheila Sutland Pakula Scholarship
Marlissa Parker Scholarship
Matt and Prue Kielland Pecorella '57 Endowed Scholarship
Pat Peterson Dance Scholarship
Catherine D. Pickering Scholarship
Dr. Paulette S. Politsch Scholarship
Reader's Digest Scholarship
Katrina Renouf ’56 Scholarship
Elizabeth Ashley Schemm Scholarship
Schultz Family Scholarship
Scott Smigel Scholarship
C.V. Starr Scholarship
Syracuse Scholarship
Emma Willard Scholar Award in Memory of Harriet Taylor
Turner Construction Scholarship
Upstate New York Scholarship
Westchester County Scholarship
Jane and Harry Willson Scholarship Fund
Wisconsin Scholarship
285 Pawling Avenue, Troy, NY 12180 | P: 518.833.1300 F: 518.833.1815
Welcome to Emma Willard School, a private day and boarding high school for girls in Troy, NY, and a leader in girls' education for over 200 years. 

PLEASE NOTE: All visitors to campus must check in with Campus Safety, which can be found at the red flag entrance to Sage Hall (Pawling Ave. entrance).