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Spring Athletes Honored

Katie Coakley
Our athletics department celebrated our lacrosse, crew, softball, and outdoor track and field teams at our spring sports desserts ceremony. This season, 24 students earned their varsity letter and pin for the first time; 49 earned a bar pin, signifying their second or more time playing at the varsity level, and 33 earned a pin marking their first time playing at the varsity level in one sport after getting their varsity letter in another. Coaches also handed out Most Improved and Coaches Awards for each team.
They also welcomed a number of students into our Varsity Club, which honors athletes who play three varsity sports in one year or play three seasons on a varsity team and finishing in their senior year. Congratulations to Louise A. ’22, Latifa A. ’19, Annabelle A. ’19, Cassandra C. ’22, Amber C. ’21, Evelyn C. ’20, Jillian F. ’19, Marguerite G. ’20, Shrivarsha J. ’19, Judy J. ’19, Morgan K. ’21, Jannah K. ’20, Cara L. ’19, Bam Bam L. ’19, Noreen M. ’19, Georgia N. ’19, Ema N. ’20, Blake O. ’19, Zoe O. ’19, Angelina Q. ’22, Bethany Q. ’21, Katie R. ’19, Julia R. ’19, Karson S. ’19, Katherine S. ’19, Ruby S. ’21, Colette V. ’21, Maria V. ’20, Caroline V. ’19, Huajin Z. ’19!
Seniors Angelina F., Eliza L., Khairat R., Julia R., and Emiko S. were also inducted into our Die Hard Club for their participation in a sport in every season at Emma over for years.
Please join us in celebrating all of our athletes and award winners!
Coaches Award - Lucy B. ’22
Coaches Award - Julia F. ’20
Varsity Lacrosse
Coaches Award – Evelyn C. ’20
Coaches Award – Sally H. ’20
JV Lacrosse
Most improved - Nicole B. ’22
Coaches award - Emma R. ’21
Coaches award - Angelina F. ’19
Most Improved – Becca L. ’21
Outdoor Track and Field
Most Improved- Jenna D. ’21
Most Improved- Nika H. ’21
Coaches award - Skylar D. ’20
Coaches award - Maria V. ’20
Go Jesters!
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