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Habits of an Intellectual Life

Kaitlin Resler & Melissia Mason
From the very beginning of this school year, Academic Dean Dr. Meredith Legg set Emma Willard School on a path of fostering “habits of an intellectual life.” This phrase is one of the core elements of our mission statement. Dr. Legg shared at Academic Convocation:

Habits are practices in our life that we have to maintain. What habits come to mind for you? Perhaps sleep habits? Consistently getting eight hours of sleep has been shown to be significant in a person’s ability to think and therefore perform in an academic setting. Maybe you think of study habits like completing the most difficult task first or reviewing notes after assignments are complete. [What about] the habit of reading for pleasure? A regular habit of pleasure reading is connected to better vocabulary, improved writing skills, lower stress… Maybe you thought of some other habit of intellectual life? 

Dr. Legg shared her reflections on the habit of nurturing curiosity. Now that we are a couple of weeks into the school year, some of our faculty and students have taken a moment to reflect on their own habits. We invite you to hear their thoughts:

Dr. Legg closed her convocation message with this thought: “It is through learning from each other in the most challenging moments, when we remain curious, when we practice the habits of an intellectual life that we develop the skills and knowledge to serve and shape the world.” 

We invite you to consider how you, too, can hone the habits of your intellectual life!
    • Dr. Meredith Legg shares habits of an intellectual life at Convocation

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