"Close Looking" Expands Critical Thinking

Melissia Mason
During Fall Family Weekend 2019, Matthew Richter P’21 was impressed by History Instructor Robert Naeher’s teaching style and its implications for his own work as President of The Thiagi Group, a consulting firm that provides performance-based training. Richter is a facilitator, game designer, instructional designer, and management consultant. The lessons he learned in Naeher’s history class at Emma Willard inspired him to write an article entitled "Seven Steps for Making Critical Thinking Easier," which he shared on his company’s blog. In the article Richter draws on the "close looking" exercises used in Naeher’s class to explain how one can become more adept at critical thinking. 

After learning of the impact that his teaching had on Richter, Naeher shared, “Such exercises only work with awesome students who are willing and eager to do the work of thinking.” 

We encourage you to read Richter’s article here (pdf) and expand upon your own critical thinking skills by practicing Bob Naeher's "close looking" technique... a great example of the habits of an intellectual life.

    • Robert Naeher with student Lia R. '21

    • Matthew Richter's Seven Steps

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