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Emma Willard Dance Company

Emma Willard Dance Company

Meet the artists on Thursday, May 28, at 9:00 p.m. EDT.

"Serious Lady"

The Emma Willard Dance Company has worked together throughout this year to learn dances created by different artists with the intent of performing these works for several schools in Troy, NY and Boston, MA, as well as for the Emma Willard community at their annual spring concert in April.  By spring break, they were in good shape to perform four new dances, as well as presenting a student-choreographed solo by Alice D. '21. 

With the beginning of online classes, the Dance Company began brainstorming ways they could still share the experience of dancing as an ensemble, representing and transforming an artistic intention.  After much discussion, it was agreed that the dance, “Serious Lady,” choreographed by our guest choreographer, Adam Fleming, was the best choice for this new direction.  Mr. Fleming’s original choreographic intention sought to explore a young woman’s search for identity and recognition of her individual strength and power. The Company agreed that, in the current environment, where many people are struggling with an experience of isolation and reexamining values and meaning in their lives, this dance was the perfect fit.

The dance was divided into many scenes, and from all over the world in their “safe at home” environments, the dancers created a new version of “Serious Lady.”  With these scene submissions in hand, Tina T. '21 in Vietnam and Caroline A. '21 in Albany, NY, collaborated to bring about the final version of “Serious Lady.” 

A Message from Adam Fleming

 The Performance

"I feel honored to have had this opportunity to work with such an energetic, creative and resilient ensemble of young women dancers!  Congratulations to all of them for their bold response to the unknown." ~ Ms. Magee, Artistic Director

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