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One of 360: Mika F. ‘22

By Sandra Santana
Each of the 360 students at Emma Willard School has a unique story. They are truly one-of-a-kind. The Emma Willard community has students from 24 states and 36 foreign countries. Some are interested in technology and robotics, others are entrepreneurs and artists, musicians, writers, and athletes, historians and social justice advocates. We love hearing their voices and think you will enjoy meeting some of our unique students who are serving and shaping their world. This series of “One of 360” stories features these students and explores what makes them unique. 
Hear from Mika F. ‘22, in her own words:

On home…

I am from a small town in Northern New Jersey called Sparta. While the town is small, it is also rural, so driving is necessary if you need to go somewhere. Before coming to Emma, I went to a regional school, so it allowed me to meet people from all around, but it also meant that if I wanted  to go to one of my friends’ houses, I would need to drive. I live with my mom, my dad, and my twin sister. We also have a dog. Growing up with a twin sister is an experience not many people share. I feel that it would seem that going to boarding school would distance us, as we were very close growing up. However, it has seemed to make our relationship even stronger.

On Emma…

I came to Emma in freshman year, and it was a valuable experience to find myself and figure out what I like. During my freshman year, I figured out that I really liked to play field hockey, and just be on a sports team in general; that I like to spend time with my friends; and that I also enjoy, and benefit from taking some time to organize and be by myself sometimes. Coming to Emma, I was able to experience true independence, and it was a bit difficult at first, but as I have moved to my junior year, and especially in the years as crazy as these past ones have been, independence has been a big part of my learning experience at Emma.

On learning…

Something that I am passionate about is learning! Specifically, this year, I’ve had the opportunity to take classes that I really enjoy, and I am able to make connections between those classes. Learning new information about different things is something I really like, and specifically, when I am learning something that I may struggle with, working alongside others to figure out is one of the best moments, and it is something that I love about Emma! Right now, I am learning and researching more about communication, and the importance of it in our society. I am able to make connections in my own life, and also while learning in school!

On athletics…

Being away from sports and my teammates for the past year almost has been hard for me, so I decided to be the manager for the basketball team so that I could still be involved in sports. However, I do play field hockey, run track, and play lacrosse at Emma! I really love playing all of these sports so much, and connecting with my teammates and coaches is really important to me! I have been playing field hockey since my freshman year at Emma, when I decided to try out. It is really fun and I really enjoy playing. I have been running track since middle school, and being able to see my own times improve, while also being able to watch and support my teammates is incredible! I have been playing lacrosse since the eighth grade, and it is something I randomly decided to try and I have grown to love it so much! Playing sports at Emma has allowed me to work on my time management, and also to take a mental break from work, and focus on something that I really enjoy doing.

On language...

I really enjoy learning Spanish, and over the summer, I started learning a little bit of Portuguese, and some sign language. I had been taking Spanish since I was in the first grade, and I love it. During my freshman year, I went on the Spanish Away Trip to Spain, and it was an experience that I will never forget! Languages are beautiful in their own aspect, and I want to learn more!

On Emma traditions…

I think my favorite tradition at Emma, specifically right now, is that of Ring Siblings.  I think that it is a really important event during junior and senior year, and it is something that I have been looking forward to since Freshman year. I think that it is so great to bond with a senior, and I cannot wait to take part in it!

Thank you, Mika, for sharing your experience at Emma Willard School! We look forward to seeing the impact you will have as you serve and shape our world!

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    • Mika F. '22

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