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By Melissia Mason
At Emma Willard School, our mission statement addresses the attributes that we want to foster in our students: a love of learning, the habits of an intellectual life, and the character, moral strength, and qualities of leadership necessary to serve and shape their worlds. In accordance with this vision, we recently celebrated members of the Emma community who show outstanding qualities in these areas and who are intrinsically motivated to succeed. 
Some awards recognize individuals who have shown exemplary academic success or exemplary service and dedication to Emma Willard School. Other awards honor contributions or achievements over time. This year’s honors were presented at a virtual Awards Night ceremony on Monday, May 31, and the culminating James Adkins Baxter and Clementine Miller Tangeman awards were presented at Commencement on Sunday, June 6. Please join us in congratulating the following award recipients:

Departmental Prizes

Arts Department
Junior Dance Prize - Sabrina A. ’22
Katherine MacKie Cameron ’51 Prize in Choral Music - Cassandra C. ’22
Kismet Al-Hussaini Prize in Instrumental Music - Karina L. ’22
Junior Theatre Prize - Tess J. ’22
Junior Visual Arts Prize - Jenny R. ’22
Senior Visual Arts Award - Helen S. ’21
Distinguished Emma Artist Award - Lucy C. ’21

Athletics Department
Helen S. Cheel (1923) Award for Athletic Achievement, Sportsmanship, and Spirit - Audrey S. ’24
Welles Award - Willa W. ’21

English Department
Lamar Writing Prize - Mairi C. ’23
Junior English Prize - Sabrina A. ’22
Senior English Prize - Vivienne S. ’21

History Department
The Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship - Gabriela Z. ’22
Senior History Prize - Lucia D. ’21

Languages Department 
Junior Language Prizes
John Foster Prize - Karina L. ’22
Junior Chinese Prize - Cassandra C. ’22
Junior Latin Prize - Beatrice G. ’22
Junior Spanish Prize - Sophia M. ’22
Senior Foreign Language Prize - Caroline A. ’21

Mathematics Department 
Adeline Scovil Mathematics Award in Geometry - Allison H. ’24
Junior Mathematics Prize - Lillian L. ’22
Jean Durfee Memorial Award in Mathematics - Coco W. ’21

Science Department
Rensselaer Medal - Zoe L. ’22
Senior Science Prize - Sophia A. ’21

Signature Program
Junior Signature Award - Sophie S. ’22
Senior Signature Award - Lia R. ’21

Practicum Program
Junior Practicum Award - Isabel S. ’22
Senior Practicum Award - Maria M. ’21

Erskine Award - Stella M. ’21

Junior Book Awards
Bryn Mawr Award - Tina Q. ’22
Harvard Award - Grace P. ’22
Mount Holyoke Award - Olivia M. ’22
Smith Book Award - Eaint M. ’22
Wellesley Award - Gabriela Z. ’22
Williams Award - Beatrice G. ’22

The Clementine Miller Tangeman Award

This year’s Clementine Miller Tangeman Award recipient is a scholar and advocate who knows the power of words—“the way words are delivered, the way they are used to label things, the way that the meaning of a word can change over time.” All of these nuances fascinate her. At Emma, this student has sought ways to challenge herself and grow within and outside of the classroom. Given her love of words, she has pursued both French and Spanish to an advanced level. Not to be pigeon-holed as a humanities student, this scholar also excelled at and enjoyed AP Chemistry. 

Mature and committed to learning and understanding important social issues, this student has taken every opportunity to participate in and lead change efforts on Emma’s campus and beyond. In her Signature work, focused on “The importance of racial diversity in academic competitions,” she studied the lack of diversity in academic competitions. She then taught spelling and tutored elementary children at the local Boys & Girls Club in preparation for a spelling bee. 

An inaugural member of Emma’s student diversity working team and DEI Student Life Taskforce, this student is a thinker and a doer. She has gracefully led our community each week during Morning Reports, as a Proctor, within Choir, Model UN, and our Language tutors. This student is equally invested in learning from others as she is in helping them. We look forward to witnessing how her voice and use of words continue to grow and impact those around her. With great admiration for her dedication to learn more, to understand more deeply, and to advocate for positive change, we award this year’s Clementine Miller Tangeman Award to Oluchi A. ’21. 

The Jameson Adkins Baxter Award

Ambitious, creative, and hands-on, this year’s Jameson Adkins Baxter Award recipient does not always seem to realize the remarkable contributor she is or how much she has impacted those around her. At Emma, this student has pursued a rigorous schedule head on and really shone in experiences that invite her creative insights and analysis. There have been times that she has struggled in finding the right balance but she has been so engaged that she does not shy away from a challenge or self-improvement. Insightful and generous within and beyond the classroom, one teacher noted, “This student makes subtle connections between and among texts and then shares that knowledge in an inviting way.

Her ideas were so sharp and interesting that the end result was always a pleasure to discover.” In her element designing, creating, and presenting her Signature project, the great passion and care that this student put into her project was evident and inspiring. This student and project transformed an overgrown and under cared for area of a residential facility for children into an uplifting space that the children could enjoy. 

A writer with an artist’s flair, she brings deep kindness and strong work ethic to everything she does – whether as the leader of Triangle Lit, Spilled Ink, Clock contributor, All-School Representative, studying Chinese, or waiting tables at a busy restaurant. For her unwavering passion, compassion, and personal growth, we are proud to present the Jameson Adkins Baxter Award to Ami M. ’21. 
    • Each award recipient was listed in a special insert in the Commencement program, with the exception of the Tangeman and Baxter awards, announced during the ceremony.

    • The Clementine Miller Tangeman Award for 2021 goes to Oluchi A.

    • The Jameson Adkins Baxter Award for 2021 goes to Ami M.

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