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Club Updates February 16, 2022

Updates on recent and upcoming activity from Emma Willard School's clubs. 
Dance Club
Club Leaders: Cathy Z. ’23, Manyi L. ’23
May 17th Performance, details TBD.

Club Leaders: Anita M. '23, Iren G. '23
Club advisor: Ms. Balton
Fair trade will not be having any sales until April, but some new activities are coming up! Pay attention to the morning reports announcements on Tuesday the 22nd!

Club Leaders: Stella L.' 23, Jessica Z. ' 22
Club advisor: Ms. Shah
CREATE(Coding Robotics Engineering AT Emma) is an academic club where Emma students learn coding and robotics skills that are not taught in the classroom. This year, club participants are building underwater robots, collaborating on VEX IQ robotics projects, and competing in challenging coding contests like Bebras challenge, ACSL (Classroom 3 and Intermediate 3 division) and the Siena College High School Programming Contest (Gold division). We currently have perfect team scores in both divisions of ACSL, and we ranked second internationally in ACSL’s Classroom 3 division last year.

Film Club
Club leader: Sofia P. ‘22
We will be meeting bi-weekly! Our next meeting is Friday, February 25. We will begin a movie in Maguire!

Emma Equine
Club leaders: Caroline G. '23, Isa J. '23
In Emma Equine, we have done interactive Kahoots, hands on activities and skills such as tying a safety release knots, and listen to each others updates on our horses, as well as sharing stories. It's a relaxing way to take a break from academics and talk about what we love! Recently, we have discussed details for a fundraiser we are aiming to host at Emma for an equine organization or rescue. We look forward to giving back to the animals that bring us so much happiness and fulfillment to our lives!

Club leaders: Tess J. ‘22, Sofia P. ‘22
Club advisor: Dr. Debra Spiro-Allen
12 Tones recently performed at BLSU’s Black History Month Assembly. We sang “Stand By Me” by Ben E. King as we felt it encapsulates this year’s theme of “Black Joy.” We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did performing!

Club leader: Jenny J. '22
Associated office: Service Learning
SOAR Bake sale and movie night on Feb 25th at 7pm in Kellas Commons. Presenting Legally Blonde 2, all proceeds go to Little Brook horse rescue!

HOSA: Future Health Professionals
Club leaders: Melisande N. '23, Teresa Z. '23
Club advisor: Ms. Maher
HOSA, (Future Health Professionals) formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America, is an international career and technical student organization endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Technology Education Division of ACTE. HOSA is an organization that strives to prepare students in different areas of healthcare. Members of the club will create a project related to an area of medicine/health (individually or with a team) under HOSA guidelines to present at competitions. Our HOSA club gives students the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, enhance their knowledge about medicine, and learn skills that will be useful if they decide to pursue a career in healthcare or biology. We will be attending the New York State HOSA Spring Leadership Conference from March 30th-April 2nd for our yearly competition.

Club leader: Eunice J. '23
Associated office: Service Learning
LiNK is about to announce a virtual fundraiser soon. Due to COVID, we will send out a google form with the options of what are available such as snacks, stickers, and totebags. We are looking forward to all the supports from the Emma community!

Albany Area Math Circle
Advisor: Ms. Schmidt
This is a collaborative effort--no one student is the leader. Everyone contributes to exploring and solving at our weekly meetings. Because our group brings together math-loving students from a number of local schools, our leadership circle is very large.

We've done some competitions (Harvard-MIT, Trinity Math) and learned about cool and unusual math concepts in our regular meetings. What is pi for a cube? What is Ramsey theory? Pascal had a triangle, but so did Leibnitz! If you are interested in being part of the New York State Math League Competition or Purple Comet! (lots of team problem-solving) in April, send email to Ms. Schmidt or just show up at a Sunday meeting. You should register at the link on the bulletin board so you get updates and announcements. We generally meet on, but not every, Sunday from 4-6 pm. Our meeting schedule is on our bulletin board too!

This photo is of the 6-member November 2021 Harvard-MIT team (yes, boys are welcome) and small groups working on a puzzle which is a stepping stone into Ramsey theory. Just one of many interesting facets of math that isn't explored in the high school curriculum, but IS explored at AAMC!

Public Forum Debate @Emma
Club leaders: Angel W. '23, Prairie G. '23
Club advisor: Ms. Sanwal
At this point of the year the club has learned the basics of Public Forum Debating. We have had a few mock debates where club members showed off and honed their skills. On Friday the 25th we will have our first official mock debate that includes every partner pair, on the topic of legalizing drug use. While we are starting official mock debates, anyone who is interested in working on their persuasive and collaborative skills are welcome to join (do not worry if you do not have a partner we will volunteer someone for you)!

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