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One of 360: Grace P. '22

By Sandra Santana
As the academic year nears its final days, our One of 360 series bids farewell to our Senior class with the help of Grace P. ’22. Hear from Grace about the infinite creativity behind mathematics, connecting with Emma alum through Revels, and her pup, Loki!
On Home…

I am from Rotterdam, NY (same home my whole life). My family is extremely loving and supportive of me. I live with my mom, dad, brother, and dog Loki. We spend lots of time playing or watching sports, going to my grandparents’ house on lake Sacandaga, and playing with Loki! 

(Hi, Loki!)

On Emma…

I first learned about Emma when my mom heard about Girlsummer from a coworker. I was fortunate enough to come to the camp as a boarder twice, and absolutely fell in love. I made so many friends, including my ring sister, Caroline Albert ’21 (I love her more than anything!), and really felt comfortable and accepted in the community on campus. I really wanted the academic challenge of Emma, but the community here is what is really special about the school. I am continually impressed and inspired by my peers, challenged in the classroom by their contributions, and am always enjoying myself during school events because of the amazing people around me. 

On Math…

I absolutely love learning. Math has always been my favorite subject, and that love has only increased since coming to Emma. Ms. Schmidt is one of the most spectacular teachers to walk the Earth, and she has been infinitely helpful in my mathematical journey. She inspires me with her wisdom and ingenuity constantly. She pushes me to do my best while remaining someone I can go to for help when I fail (which she has also taught me is okay to do sometimes!). Also, her amazing baked goods definitely help make math more fun :) After finishing some of Emma’s most difficult math courses, I am excited to move on to college to pursue a minor in mathematics (in addition to my biochemistry major). There are always new ways to go about math problems. I truly love it for its complexity and the creativity that can go into solving complicated things. Math becomes fun when there is a challenge you know you have the tools to begin to solve (even if you are not sure how to get to a final answer). Math is filled with experimentation, and I thoroughly enjoy putting my mind to work on difficult math problems, whether that be in class or in a 14-hour-long math modeling competition. 

On Reading…

I really want to read more. This is definitely not a new hobby (nor a very interesting one!), but during the school year I rarely find the time to sit down and enjoy a good book. I would like to begin to carve out time in my schedule to relax with the comfort (and distraction) of a new story. 

On Revels…

Revels is a clear favorite of the Emma community, and I very much agree. After being in the play, I actually understand what happens in the manor house now, and while it is a little weird, it was an extremely fun experience and I wish I could do it over again and again. I think one of my favorite parts of Revels is the connections it brings to alums and current students. One question I always ask when I meet an alum is what part they were in Revels, and it is so heartwarming to see each person’s face light up when they get to share they were a country woman or a devil or a lord. I am so happy we didn’t let Covid hurt our Revels, and that we were still able to spend the week preparing as a class and performing for the community.

(Grace P. '22 as Lady Erin and Karina L. '22 as Lady Erin at the 107th performance of Revels!)

Thanks, Grace, for sharing your passions and contributing to the Emma Willard School community in unique and significant ways. We look forward to seeing the impact you will have as you continue to serve and shape our world!
    • Grace P. '22 enjoying Senior Soccer Night

    • Grace P. '22 celebrating Prom Night at Emma

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