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A New Year Begins at Emma

After a quiet summer on Mount Ida, Emma Willard School is once again filled with activity, laughter, and smiling faces of new and returning students—the first full week of classes is finally here!

Last week, Emma Willard welcomed 97 new students from near and far to join our community at the start of another incredible school year.

students pose outside as they check in for school

Photograph by Liz Lajeunesse Photography '91


Of the nearly 100 new arrivals, most make up the Class of 2027, a dynamic and exciting new addition to Emma. With first-timers in each grade for the 2023–2024 school year, here’s your chance to get to know our new Jesters through some fun facts!

  • Around the Globe: The Emma Willard community is truly worldwide, with our newest students joining our global community from 14 different U.S. states and 16 countries. 
  • All in the Family: This year we added 17 Emma Alumnae kids and/or siblings.
  • Twinning: Speaking of family, say hello to another set of twin sisters.
  • Game Time: New Emma athletes are joining in this year with interest across traditional and action sports. This class hosts gymnasts, golfers, cyclists, ski racers, runners, scuba divers, equestrians, softball players, rowers, and more!
  • Staying in Tune: Our new student musicians play instruments like guitar and piano, and one plays viola in the Empire State Youth Orchestra (ESYO).
  • Lending a Hand: Many members of our new class are passionate about community support, including students who have worked at the Radix Ecological Sustainability Center, organized rallies for the Jewish Youth Climate Movement, and founded a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) committee at their school.
  • It’s a Girls’ Summer: At least 17 of the new students to Emma this year have previously attended Emma’s popular GirlSummer camp for students in 2nd through 9th grades.
  • Adventurers Abound: One new student spent three weeks traversing the islands of Hawaii as part of a trip for “Wilderness Adventures.”
  • Authors in Action: Storytelling and writing have long been key parts of the Emma Willard educational experience and one of our new students has a big leg up, publishing short stories in two different writing competitions.

While there is much more to discover about the new faces on Emma’s campus, we are so excited to follow their progress and learn of the ways they will continue to enhance our community. Every year, we are delighted to welcome the leaders of tomorrow who continue to find unique ways to serve and shape our world.

For more on Opening Day for our new and returning students, check out our SmugMug, and stay tuned for more fun this fall semester!


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