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A stack of the current edition of Signature magazine on a wooden table

The Spring 2023 edition of Emma Willard School’s Signature magazine focuses on aspects of academic excellence on Mount Ida. We explore the College Counseling process, get a peak into our students’ STEAM pursuits, and hear from a student/alum collaboration.

Head of School Jenny Rao leads into this issue by reflecting on the constancy of our mission and vision, even in the midst of evolving educational techniques and technology. “The core tenet of Emma Willard School's offering has remained the same for over 200 years: access to and excellence in academic pursuits once reserved exclusively for men. It's fun to imagine that if our founder had traveled in time to the 21st century, Madame Willard might be surprisingly familiar with what she observed here on Mount Ida today: scientific experiments, inquiry into the human condition, discourse on politics and society, and the exploration of the intersection of art, history, and literature, to name a few.”

Our features for this issue highlight aspects of the academic experience: the pursuit of college acceptance, STEAM achievements, and a mentoring relationship between student Manyi Li ’23 and alumna Viviana Leo ’98. We hear from French Instructor Eloise Bererd about celebrating identity in the classroom and from Practicum Director Bridget McGivern on the pursuit of lifelong learning.

In this issue, we also celebrate a season of transition between former Board Chair Lisa Allen LeFort ’72 as she passes the torch to new Chair Megan Toohey Scremin ’00, and we get an update on the impact of the Infinite Horizon campaign. Highlights also include photos from Revels, a look at how students are helping address food insecurity in the Capital Region, and the proud legacy of the Prout family on Mount Ida.

We invite you to explore the Spring 2023 edition of Signature...


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