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Head of School Jenny Rao welcomes students to Awards Night

Honoring our founder’s vision, Emma Willard School proudly fosters in each young woman a love of learning, the habits of an intellectual life, and the character, moral strength, and qualities of leadership to serve and shape her world. In accordance with this vision, we annually honor students who show outstanding qualities in these areas.

Emma Willard School’s awards recognize students for their tenacity, curiosity, and whole-hearted pursuit of the school’s mission. In addition to the Cum Laude and EW awards presented at Honors Convocation, each department presents awards that recognize excellence and encourage students to value excellence in themselves and others. Two seniors are also selected for the prestigious Tangeman and Baxter awards, which are presented at Commencement. Our awards serve as important indicators of the collaborative qualities our community values, demonstrating that an individual’s success often reflects the cumulative effect of an entire community’s efforts.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s honorees:


The Baxter Award is given that member of the senior class who has shown the most growth during her time at Emma Willard. In the course of her development, the recipient has embodied those values that have been evident in Mrs. Baxter: integrity, discipline, and a commitment to her own education as well as to the education of others.

This year’s Jameson Adkins Baxter Award recipient makes her presence known. In the classroom, she cuts straight to the heart of a concept with a no-nonsense clarity that can propel conversations along from one big idea to the next at breakneck speed.  She uses the strength of her voice and the depth of her personal convictions to identify problems, offer solutions, and hold others accountable to her own high standards.

When faced with an obstacle, and the last four years have presented many, this student has learned that sometimes being vulnerable can be a superpower and asking for help is a sign of strength.  This student has also discovered that living up to the classic Spiderman rule, that with great power comes great responsibility, can be hard for even the most well-intentioned superheroes, and she now knows when it is best to bring the full force of her indomitable will to bear and when to step more gently around an obstacle to find a creative solution or reframe the issue.

For caring enough about her class to always move forward through difficulty towards a better version of herself, her community, and her world, we award this year's Baxter award to Maple Loeb.

Maple Loeb receives the Baxter Award from Board Chair Lisa Allen LeFort '72

Maple Loeb receives the Baxter Award from Board Chair Lisa Allen LeFort '72



The Clementine Miller Tangeman Award is presented to that senior who best exemplifies the spirit of enthusiasm, dedication, and creativity that has characterized Mrs. Tangeman’s involvement with Emma Willard.  This award also recognizes Mrs. Tangeman’s humor, dependability, strength of character, and pride.

This year’s Clementine Miller Tangeman Award recipient is synonymous with Emma Willard. A three-sport athlete, this student is on campus from morning until night be it in her skull or with a basketball in hand. Even a torn ACL did not slow her down. While most other students would have allowed such a season ending injury to keep them away from the gym, not this year’s award winner. Instead, she was there for every practice and game, cheering on her teammates and supporting them for the rest of the season, all with a smile and her trademark good nature. This is what makes her die hard.

A wonderfully curious student not driven by grades, this young woman values pushing herself outside of her comfort zone. Trying new things all while maintaining balance in her life. Time with her family is one of her greatest joys. In fact she shares that ‘everything we do, we do together’. When she looks at her parents she sees a lot of who she wants to be as she continues to grow in their work ethic, passions and family life. Last summer, this student pushed herself to learn to solve a Rubik’s Cube. It was a project she took on with her younger brother and while she says it was cool to be able to solve the puzzle, bonding with her brother was the biggest takeaway from the experience. 

From Democracy Matters, EMbassadors, the F-Word, and Language Tutors to working in the College Counseling Office, this student seems to never sleep. 

She is mature and self aware, so much so that throughout the pandemic she found that the isolation of quarantine pushed her to find happiness being alone and learn to value her own company. Admired for her kindness and genuine positivity, we award this year’s Clementine Miller Tangeman Award to Bailey Leone-Levine

Bailey Leone-Levine receives the Tangeman Award from AAC President Valerie Gonyea '82

Bailey Leone-Levine receives the Tangeman Award from AAC President Valerie Gonyea '82




Junior Dance Prize: Xiang Jenny S. ’24

Katherine MacKie Cameron '51 Prize in Choral Music: Nozomi N. ’24

Kismet Al-Hussaini Prize in Instrumental Music: Angela K. ’24

Junior Theatre Prize: Ava W. ’24

Junior Visual Arts Prize: Suiki Y. ’24

Distinguished Emma Visual Artist Award: Hanshu Y. ’23

Distinguished Emma Performing Artist Award: Tiffany M. ’23



Helen S. Cheel (1923) Award for Athletic Achievement, Sportsmanship, and Spirit: Anyla-Zanii L. ’25

Welles Award: Prairie G. ’23



Lamar Writing Prize: Ksenia M. ’26

Junior English Prize: Lucia C. ’24

Senior English Prize: Mairi C. ’23



The Frederick Douglass and Susan B. Anthony Humanities and Social Sciences Scholarship: Yaryna K. ’24

Senior History Prize: Ugne B. ’23



John Foster Prize: Sol H. ’24

Junior Chinese Prize: Nannapat Patty K. ’24

Junior Latin Prize: Audrey D. ’24

Junior Spanish Prize: Ari V. ’24

Senior Foreign Language Prize: Noura C. ’23



Adeline Scovil Mathematics Award in Geometry: Stacy C. ’26

Junior Mathematics Prize: Ruoxun Portia H. ’24

Jean Durfee Memorial Award in Mathematics: Jiahui Stella L. ’23

Computer Science Award: Ashlyn B. ’24



Rensselaer Medal: Natasha H. ’24

Senior Science Prize: Eunice J. ’23



Junior Signature Award: Olana S. ’24

Senior Signature Award: Claire L. ’23



Junior Practicum Award: Lidia K. ’24

Senior Practicum Award: Isabel L. C. ’23



Erskine Award: Basil A. ’23



Bryn Mawr Award: Kate M. ’24

Honorary Harvard Award: Robyn W. ’24

Mount Holyoke Award: Vernette B. ’24

Smith Book Award: Lahari L. ’24

Honorary Wellesley Award: Hanh N. ’24

Williams Award: Cecilia C. ’24


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