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Inside cover spread for the Wellness feature in the Fall 2022 issue of Signature

The Fall 2022 edition of Emma Willard School’s Signature magazine focuses on aspects of wellness on Mount Ida and beyond, hearing directly from alumnae experts, our physical education faculty, and the students themselves.

In her “Leading In” letter, Head of School Jenny Rao introduces the theme with a series of questions for us to ponder: “Wellbeing is a term we hear often, and it seems straightforward. But what is wellbeing, truly? If it were easy to define, wouldn’t it be easy to achieve? We often talk about a balanced life as a part of wellbeing. Is balance the right objective when seeking to cultivate wellbeing in our lives? We must be wary of confusing wellness with comfort. Don’t we grow stronger when we step out of our comfort zone and work to overcome challenges? Is it realistic to assume that our wellness will come without challenge?”

Our features for this issue highlight the perspective of this year’s student Wellness Advocates (the Wellies) and the impact of Emma Willard School’s physical movement and athletics programs on wellbeing. Alumnae Shura Gat ’87, Dr. Zoe McKee ’97, and Jenn Ty ’77, who paneled the wellness conversation at last summer’s Reunion, also share their wisdom with the greater Emma community.

In this issue, we get an update on the impact of the Infinite Horizon campaign and celebrate the history of the chapel in “From the Archives.” Highlights also include photos from the 208th Commencement, a look at last spring’s AWAY trip to the National Parks, and faculty features of Math Instructor Brett LaFave and Chair of the English Department Dr. Esther Dettmar.

We invite you to explore the Fall 2022 edition of Signature and reflect on your own wellbeing, as well as how you’d like to be a part of the momentum on Mount Ida.




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