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The Class of 1961 and Head of School Jenny Rao gather in Wellington-Lay for a birthday dinner

On October 3–4, sixteen members from the Class of 1961 visited Emma Willard School to celebrate their 80th birthday. In addition to celebrating, the Class was also able to participate in many activities on campus. We thank them for celebrating with us and wish them a happy 80th birthday!

Those in attendance were: Jamie Adkins Baxter, Cindy Strickland Butterfield, Katharine Zimmermann Egan, Amanda Cluett Fry, Barbara Mahony Kent, Virginia Pratt Malcolm, Diane Wynne Mercer, Val Phillips Parsegian, Nancy Linkroum Pennell, Helen Pettit, Mary Lake Polan, Cabell Smith Tower, Diana Sprague Stugger, Athene Chiriacka Westergaard, Vicky Thompson Winterer, and Ruth Kramer Ziony.

auditorium filled with people

Class of 1961 joined the entire Emma community as guests of honor in Kiggins for Morning Reports!


Archivist Stephanie Ross and the Class of 1961

Archivist Stephanie Ross took the group on a tour of the Archives


people gathered around looking at photos on a table

While you’re here, can you identify the people and events in these photos? Stephanie put the group to work on a set of unmarked photographs from their time at Emma.


looking at costumes from Revels

Reliving Revels, the group toured the costume room with Dr. Esther Dettmar, our current costume manager.


two students playing instruments in front of bright windows

The activities planned to celebrate the group included a special student musical performance in Lyon-Remington.


group of class members with hard hats at construction site

Donning their hard hats, the group got a behind-the-scenes peak at the progress on the Alice Dodge Wallace ’38 Center for the Performing Arts.


birthday cake with purple writing

What's a birthday without cake?!


group raising a glass of champagne

The group ended the day with a Champagne toast to celebrate their birthdays.



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