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A green lawn with red chairs and a sunny sky are the backdrop for a collegiate gothic stone building.

The first weeks of summer on Mount Ida are quiet: preparations for GirlSummer is underway, but the lush green lawns and grey walls are restful in the summer sun. Take a look around campus before it gets busy when we welcome campers for summer adventures! 


A red circle sculpture on a lawn with stone buildings.

The red sculpture in front of Dietel Library, created and gifted to the school by Arlene Peartree GP '20, through the library gallery windows towards Slocum Hall. 


A diamond shaped large window looking out into blue skies and green trees in a darkened library.

Upstairs in the library, one of the window views looks out onto the vista behind campus. 


a stone archway looks out into a sunny grey stone campus.

One of the many iconic views on campus: an archway looking out of the library towards Slocum Hall. 


A long sidewalk down to a wooden door on a stone building with a green copper dome on top.

At the front loop, trees line the walkway towards Slocum. 


Sage Tower, complete with gargoyles, looks down on campus and around the capital region. 


A stone collegiate gothic building and a more contemporary addition across a green lawn.

Weaver and Hunter across the senior triangle. 


A stone building with a bridge in front leading to the front door.

Bridges, originally the infirmary, is now a dorm on campus. 



A shaded archway looking out onto a green campus with two doors on either side of the arch.

Inner campus, as seen through the archway under Hyphen Hall. 


A stone building with warm inside lights, the moon above in the sky.

Weaver hall and the moon on campus at dusk. 





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