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Fall Athletes recently celebrated their seasons at their annual Athletic Desserts and honored their players with achievement awards. Join us in congratulating the following athletes!


Most Valuable Rower: Addie M. ’25
This rower is dependable in every aspect of her presence on the Emma Crew team. She is a reliable contributor to the chores that keeps practice running smoothly, and her rowing is equally steady. She pushes herself hard but finds a way to do it without compromising technique. Her calm and simultaneously fierce presence in the boat is well complemented by her even temper. We always know what to expect from this rower, as she consistently exhibits excellence. Every stroke she takes is exactly the same, so much so that we use her as a teaching model for new rowers. Congratulations on your unwavering accomplishment, Addie.

Rising Star: Ava V. ’26
Rowers develop new skills all the time, but learning competitiveness and a fierce drive is challenging to do. Luckily, this athlete possesses both these attributes while also having an unfailingly positive attitude. She loves to race and inspires those around her to push themselves harder too. This rower has already made an incredible impact on Emma Crew during her first year on the team. We can’t wait to see what is in store for this athlete in years to come. Congratulations on your enthusiastic achievement, Ava.

Most Improved Rower: Riley F. ’27
This athlete has come an incredibly long way during their first novice season. She brings a positive attitude to each practice and reliably encourages her teammates. Frequently asking for feedback, she works incredibly hard to make those changes. This athlete pulls so hard, all practice that she found herself in the unlikely position of being asked to decrease her pressure during a drill. Early on, this rower caught enough crabs to feed the whole team. Now, she has become a key rower on our novice squad. Congratulations on your perseverance and impressive progress, Riley.

Top Banana: Sol H. ’24
Our top erger is always eager to work harder, pull harder, and push themselves harder. Somehow you manage this while being warm and kind to everyone around you. We are so proud of how you work to make every member of this team feel welcomed and valued. We appreciate everything about you, our inspirational leader, Sol. 

Top Banana: Fiona K. ’26
It is nearly impossible for a coxswain to strike a balance between independent leadership and understanding your coach’s vision. Yet, here you are! Ever since we started working together, we have felt like you are a mind reader about what our practice goals are. Your quick competence has amazed us, including your ability to steer an exceptional line and dock anywhere. We commend you for being highly motivating to your peers, and we are proud to see you continue to grow as a coxswain. Congratulations, Fiona.

Top Banana: Liv D. ’26
This year you have been such a positive force on the team. You are excited to work hard, and you have been a reliable bow seat. Recently, we learned that you have an exciting, previously hidden skill as a natural-born coxswain. We are thrilled to watch you continue to develop in both ends of the boat, Liv.

Cross Country

Coaches’ Awards: Sherry H. ’24 and Portia H. ’24
This year presented a number of unexpected challenges and the season did not get off to its usual start. We had a week-long heat wave, thunderstorms and lots of sickness. Yet, through all these bumps in the road, two athletes stood out as beacons of positivity. These athletes came to practice no matter the condition, and sometimes chose to run even when advised against it. During workouts, they encouraged their teammates and motivated everyone to keep pushing through endless intervals. Injuries from Speedball couldn’t keep them out of the game and hobbling up a hill on an off campus run didn’t stop them either. Perhaps the only thing they struggled with was shouting “Last One, Fast One!” in sync. This year’s Coaches Awards honor our captains, Sherry and Portia!

Cross Country Award winners Sherry and Portia with Coaches Labbate and Mrozcka

JV Field Hockey

Most Improved: Zahra F. ’25
Though this player does not love to run, they are highly motivated by skills, drills, and games. They worked hard this year to perfect their tackle and block skills, making it so they were rarely called on hacking. They directed our new folk with kind words and demonstrations, and when they were out sick, we felt their loss deeply. One of this year’s most improved awards goes to Zahra!

MVP: Lily W. ’25
This player had an incredible season, and the team would’ve experienced greater goal differentials without her. She met every game with positivity and enthusiasm, even when things weren’t going our way. As she gained more confidence with each passing game, she learned to direct her teammates to mark up and get out of her way! In most of our games, this player had 10-15 saves. This year’s Most Valuable Player award goes to Lily! 

Varsity Field Hockey

Coaches’ Award: Sophie L. ’25
The first coaches’ award for the 2023 season goes to a player who really leveled up her game since last season. If we had given out a game ball for best performance of the game, this player would’ve racked up her fair share. Whether she’d been asked to play midfield, defense, or even occasionally the front line, she did so without complaint but always, without fail, held down the left side. She gets her feet around to defend on her strong side better than anyone on the team, and rarely reaches with her reverse to make a block tackle. She’s always marking someone up in the circle and steps up without hesitation to put pressure on an attacker, even sacrificing the occasional hit to the shin guard (or ankle) to get in the way of a shot. Although she’s always happy when we don’t put her back on defensive corners! For being a calm, steady, and strong-sticked presence on both our midfield and defense all season long, our Coaches’ Award goes to Sophie. 

Coaches’ Award: Punch K. ’25
The second coaches’ award goes to our player who was the most improved over the course of this season. She was new to the varsity team after having played on the JV squad, but never shied away from the tougher level of competition this year. In fact, she steadily improved her play and seemingly rose to the challenge every time we played a more and more skilled opponent. When the season started, she struggled a bit to find her footing, as we allowed 6 goals in early season games to Corinth and Granville. The second time we played these teams, we narrowed the gap significantly, largely in part to the aggressive play of this team member. In fact, she came on so strong that she made 19 saves against League champions (and current state semi-finalists) Hoosick Falls! For her dedication, constant implementation of feedback, and increased competitive instincts in goal, we are proud to present the Coaches’ Award for Most Improved to Punch “the Wall” K.

Varsity Field Hockey award winners Punch and Sophie

Varsity Soccer

MVP: Margarette H. ’24
This year's Most Valuable Player award goes to goal keeper and team captain, Margarette. Facing relentless pressure in almost every game, Margaratte's intensity and enthusiasm never waned. Working hard to improve all aspects of her game, Margarette impressed this year as an all-round goalie, regularly making fantastic saves, playing confidently with her feet, and serving not only as the last line of defense, but also at times as the beginning of our offensive attack. In addition, Margarette embodied the role of team captain both on and off the field, in games and every day at practice.

Coaches' Award: Bhoomi L. ’24
A dependable and stabilizing presence at the center of our defense, Bhoomi plays the game with a remarkable field sense, reading the movement of the ball and of the players around her with a speed and fluency that allows her to almost always be in the right place at the right time. Bhoomi also plays with a tenacity and fearlessness that shapes the game around her, inspiring her teammates and frustrating the opposition.

Swim and Dive

Coaches’ Award: Ashlyn B. ’24
This year’s coaches’ award goes to one of our most dedicated and most reliable athletes. Although her daily contributions are not always visible, her impact on this team is second to none. Not only has this athlete made all her practices, the coaching staff has eternal trust and faith that she is always where she needs to be, always brings the best possible version of herself to meets and competitions, and has really embraced the role of captain. Without question, she is also one of the best cheerleaders for this team. Once her job is done at meets, she doesn’t leave the deck, she doesn’t leave the meet, she doesn’t sit on her phone. She cheers intensely for all her teammates and can be caught traveling the deck in support of her teammates as they race. From her opening speech about resiliency, toughness, and pride to her leadership on this team, to her cheerleading abilities, and finally to her nearly two-year-long unbeaten streak and her multiple sectional titles—this year’s coach’s award goes to Ashlyn. 

Ashlyn B. Coaches' Award

Most Improved Award: Willow S. ’26
This award could have gone to three or four different people who showed tremendous improvement this season. Unfortunately, we could only pick one person. The person we chose came to practice on day one of the season ready to work hard and showed the coaches that they were determined to succeed and would let nothing stand in their way. They worked hard to improve their strokes and turns and qualified for their first sectionals at the second meet of the season. This swimmer showed that they were not only determined to work on and improve their best/favorite stroke, but all of them. This person became a utility swimmer for us as the coaching staff when piecing together meet lineups, and we felt comfortable putting this person in the 200 IM, 200 free, and even the 500. They never complained or questioned the events that they were placed in. Meet after meet, and practice after practice, this person impressed the coaches with her work ethic, positive attitude, and questions about how else to improve. We are so proud and excited to award this year’s most improved award to Willow!

Most Improved Swim Dive Willow S


Coaches’ Player Award: Carly H. ’24
Carly - It was so great to have you on the team and see your amazing metamorphosis over such a short period of time.  As the season progressed, you went from a tentative and emotional player to a confident and composed competitor. You started the season content just to keep the ball in play and down the middle of the court. As the season progressed, you began to direct the ball using more angles and started to make better decisions as to when to approach the net. What was most evident as the season developed was your on-court composure and the way you managed your side of the court.  It appeared like you were deliberate with your in-between-point time and approached each and every point with purpose.   It was great to witness this professionalism. For putting in the work and clearly taking your game to another level, this year’s Coaches Player award goes to you, Carly.

Coaches – Spirit Award: Tinisha A. ’25
Tinisha - It was so great to have you on the team. Your consistent enthusiasm and positive optimism over the entire season were such an asset. You brought this attitude consistently to every practice and every match. As an upper-classwoman, you took the time to build a connection not only with returning players but also with our new ones.
You were the anchor of the #2 doubles spot. You made it easy for us to pair you with multiple partners throughout the season. You made it work with each and every one.  Your on-court communication was always excellent as there was never a doubt whose ball was who’s. You bring out the best in everyone around you. You truly embody the essence of teamwork. This year’s Coaches Spirit award goes to you, Tinisha.

tennis award recipients and coaches fall 2023

JV Volleyball

Coaches' Award: Annie L. ’25
This year’s coaches award goes out to a player who comes to every practice with a smile and a positive attitude. When the team is down, she shares some encouraging words. No matter if on the bench or on the court, this player is cheering for her team. It is that kind of team spirit and positive attitude that made this player so valuable. Even more noticeable is her wonderful progress this year. Having had a curse on her serving skills, she sought out feedback and brought back her aces!! She has made so much progress this year and especially shines in her defensive skills. She is coachable and happy to play any position. It is for her example, her positive attitude, her dedication to her team, and her coachability that this year’s coaches’ award goes to Annie.

annie - jv volleyball award

Most Improved Award: Zaniyah A. ’24
This player brings so much to the volleyball court: height, athleticism, scrappiness, and this year she brought a lot of awareness at the net. Nothing goes past this player. This player has truly improved not only her hitting, tipping, and blocking skills, but also her passing skills have become accurate and reliable. This player has improved so much during the season and has become one of the most reliable players on the court. For your dedication to the game, your awareness, and your progress, this year’s “Most Improved” award goes to Zaniyah!

most improved award jv volleyball - Zaniyah

Varsity Volleyball

MVP: Sydney P. ’25 
Most Valuable Player award goes to a player who contributes to their team’s success and both shines as an individual and team player. This player stood out to Coach and I the first time we saw her during try-outs and while watching her technique and form, we had to have her on our team. From cheering the team on the sidelines to keeping the team spirit alive while on the court, there’s no doubt this player loves the game of volleyball. In the three years we’ve been coaching, we’ve never seen her leave practice early. She is always staying behind to help her teammates with their skills and to play just a little bit longer. She is known for her ‘almost impossible to get’ signature sets, ace serves, and the classic “GO FOR IT!” during every game. We couldn’t have had such an amazing season without this player. The 2023 Most Valuable Player award goes to Sydney!

Coaches’ Award: Lahari L. ’24
The Coaches’ Award goes to an athlete whose accomplishments as a leader and competitor, both on and off the court, have contributed considerably to the success of our 2023 volleyball season. This player stepped up in a major way as a captain and exponentially improved her game this year. Her hits were STRAIGHT DOWN and untouchable at the opposing team. Her blocks were INCREDIBLE and jaw-dropping. One of the best parts of coaching is watching an athlete come up from JV and totally dominate as a varsity player. We will certainly miss her next year—the 2023 Coaches' Award this year goes to Lahari!

volleyball awards 2023

Additional Volleyball Awards:
Wasaren League First Team - Julia W. ’24
Wasaren League Second Team - Levi L.-A. ’25
Honorable Mention from Wasaren League - Nadia M. ’25 and Roz K. ’25

Congratulations to all of our dedicated athletes on a great season!

Winter sports are up next! Visit our Winter Athletics page for more details.


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