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Amber Towne is a Learning Specialist at Emma Willard, joining campus in fall of 2023. Before coming to Emma, Amber came from Algonquin Middle School in Averill Park where she has served as a Nationally Certified School Psychologist. We asked Amber four questions about her time at Emma!

#1—What brought you to Emma Willard School?

I learned about Emma through the Director of Learning Support Chris Ouellette. I was really intrigued and excited by the way he spoke about the school and what it offered. It  just seemed like a really innovative and refreshing place to be!


#2—What is a typical day-in-the-life at Emma like for you?

Usually my day is scattered with one-on-one meetings with students, whether they're pre-planned or just pop-in visits. In our meetings we could be talking about different executive functioning skills like time management or organization, coming up with strategies for test anxiety, or analyzing current study strategies and coming up with a more efficient routine. As a school psychologist, I’m also able to do educational testing and that takes up a part of my day as well. 

I’ll be coaching track this spring, and I did ski club this winter, so those take up my time as well! I also usually bother/visit Emily Snyder once a day, her classroom is across the hall from mine. 


#3—What is one thing about working at Emma that would surprise people?

The flexibility and open-endedness of every day! I feel like there's always an opportunity to do something new or creative, never a dull moment. There's just always something exciting going on that I look forward to. 


#4—What is your favorite space, place, or tradition on the Emma campus?

I’m going to say Slocum basement. I'm a little biased, my office is down there, but I feel like it's close to everything and all the people on this floor are arguably the best. I love coming in through the little hobbit/Cinderella door in the morning. The faculty lounge, IT, communications, the theatre: I feel like it’s the place to be!



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