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Bethany Loffredo-Dempsey and baby Dawson

Bethany Loffredo-Dempsey is in her first year teaching English and coaching field hockey at Emma Willard School. Before coming to Emma, she worked in residential life at Union College and previously taught English and served as Upper School Dean of Students and Ninth Grade Dean at The Hun School of Princeton. We asked Bethany four questions about her role at Emma Willard.

#1—What brought you to Emma Willard School? 

I was drawn to Emma Willard because I value the unique aspects of independent schools, and I wanted to be closer to my family. I became even more excited about Emma after meeting some of the faculty members and seeing that the community truly embraces their mission. I was thrilled to move back to the area and be part of such a special place. 

#2—What is a typical day-in-the-life at Emma like for you?

Part of what I love about Emma is there are very few typical days! I like to start the day with breakfast in the dining hall; there’s something nice about starting the school day by sharing a meal and grounding yourself. Then, I’ll head to class; I like to arrive to my classroom early because I enjoy greeting my students when they enter the room. It’s a nice time to check in about various things going on in their lives, and it’s also an opportunity to gauge their energy. The next part of my day revolves around lunch with my friends. I value that time to connect with everyone and share some laughs about what happened earlier in the day or what’s going on in our lives outside of school. Lastly, I’m not coaching this spring, but I have really enjoyed heading to spring athletic events after school with my son, Dawson. This spring he saw his first lacrosse game, his first softball game, and his first badminton match! 

#3—What is one thing about working at Emma that would surprise people? 

I think something that still surprises me is just how kind and supportive the community is. My Emma friends, colleagues, and students were so excited to share in my joy when I told everyone that I was expecting a baby. While I was on maternity leave, I heard from so many community members who were wishing me well as I was navigating motherhood for the first time. My colleagues and students genuinely care and have been so excited to meet Dawson. It warms my heart over and over again. 

#4—What is your favorite space, place, or tradition on the Emma campus?

My favorite place on campus is the upper field. I coached JV field hockey this fall, and I was able to stop by a few JV lacrosse practices this spring. I love coaching, and I have always found that it is a really meaningful way for me to connect with students outside of academics. Being on the field or court has always been a really comfortable space for me, so even as a new member of the Emma Community, I feel right at home on that field. I also had the pleasure of coaching with Coach Egan. If you haven’t had the experience of being on the sidelines with Gina Egan as a spectator, athlete or coach, you are missing out!


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