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A man in a white t-shirt smiles a little bit at the camera standing amidst a green campus.

Enrique Ignacio is the housekeeping manager at Emma Willard School. Along with a dedicated team, Enrique helps maintain the beauty of our campus buildings and manages the logistics of a nearly endless string of campus events throughout the year. We asked Enrique four questions about his role at Emma Willard.

#1—What brought you to Emma Willard School?

It was the right opportunity at the right moment. A friend of mine heard Emma Willard was searching for a housekeeping manager and was familiar with the work I had done at the Empire State Plaza, which had won an award for cleanest building in the Capital Region two years in a row. They contacted me, showed me the campus, and I took the opportunity!

#2—What is a typical day-in-the-life at Emma like for you?

Well, I have to say that this campus is just so beautiful but there is a lot of work needed to keep things picked up, organized, and clean for the students who call Emma Willard home. So, the typical day is great for the staff and me because we care for this place like it’s our home, too.

#3—What is one thing about working at Emma that would surprise people?

How I am treated! I am treated with respect and that makes me feel like I’m at home, that I’m part of a community. This community is my family.


Several standing on stage listening as one speaks into a microphone.

Enrique and members of his staff listening as Guadalupe Arbizu shares a little about her life during a Morning Reports gathering for Latine & Hispanic Heritage Month. 


#4—What is your favorite space, place, or tradition on the Emma campus?

My two favorite spaces at Emma Willard are the gym and the library: I like to exercise in the gym and socialize with different people on campus in the library.


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