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A student in a colorful shirt leans down next to a golden dog to take a selfie.

This October, we’re talking with Alexis W.’25 a junior boarding student from Shanghai, China in our One of 360 series. Hear from Alexis, in her own words, about family dinners, bonding at Emma, and the strength it takes to get in the pool in the winter!

On home…

I live in Shanghai, China with my mom, dad, sister, and Daimeng (my doggie). We like to take Daimeng out for a hike, swimming with his friends, or a walk along the Bund. My family loves to invite my aunts, uncles, and grandparents to our house for family dinner, and my favorite part is the gaming part after the dinner. I learned so many fun poker games in the past and even Mojang during this summer. 


A collage of four images of a family hanging out on a boat, and in a house with a dog.

"Family photo, siblings, and my dog"


On discovering Emma…

I learned about Emma from my high school counselors. They told me that Emma is a school that encourages girls to break boundaries. I later discovered the school website and saw the pictures of the beautiful campus, and I knew that this would be the environment that I want to study in. This year is my third year at Emma now, and I think the sense of a tight community makes Emma special for me. Within this bonding, I harvest way more skills because I am constantly encouraged to challenge and explore myself more. 


On swimming…

I am most passionate about swimming. I got into swimming because I used to have asthma, and my parents thought that swimming was a sport that could help me get rid of it. Also coincidently, there was a swim coach picking kids from my kindergarten to cultivate for a district team in Shanghai. Since my mom is tall, the coach thought that maybe I could be a good swimmer. So I got picked and that is how I started swimming. Determination is what I have learned from swimming. In winter when the weather is freezing, I need to convince myself to go to the pool to swim. It has been my 11th year swimming, and it has definitely become one of my life-long hobbies. 


Four swimmers standing in front of a pool display medals and ribbon awards.

"At Sectionals with Ally D..'25, Eliana SK..'25, Coco L. '23"


On new hobbies…

I would like to explore skateboarding. I watched skateboarders flying past me when I was walking on the street. Some of them did flip tricks and I think it is so cool!


Three students in front of a holiday tree hold their hands out to show off rings.

"Revels reception after performance with my ring line, Suki Z. '24 and Coco Luo '23"


On traditions…

My favorite tradition at Emma is Revels. It has been so fun to see the seniors I know dressing up and performing during Revels. There are so many interesting characters, like devils, jesters, country women, etc. Revels have always been such a vivid memory for me. 


A swim team stands on the side of their pool with jester hats and tutus, they are smiling at the camera.

"We put on the jester hats and tutus during meets :)"


Thanks you Alexis, for sharing your passions and contributing to the Emma Willard School community in unique and significant ways! We look forward to seeing the impact you will have as you continue to serve and shape our world!


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