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spring pep rally

The spring athletic season has come to a close, and coaches and athletes have gathered to award and recognize individual accomplishments.



Coaches’ Award: Robyn W. ’24
The recipient of the Coaches Award for Best First Year player goes to a senior. It is not often that a senior tries a sport for the first time, however, this senior was not only selected to the team but also played 3rd singles in 2 of the 4 matches against Miss Porters. This senior was an excellent competitor and worked hard at skill and strategy development. Congratulations to Robyn W. ’24.

Coaches Award: Ivy C. ’26
The recipient of the Coaches Award for Most Improved player goes to a sophomore who was not selected in their freshman year. When selections were underway, it was very evident that this player had worked hard over the summer to improve their skills.  This player was versatile as both a singles and doubles player and proved to both herself and her coach that she was the real deal. Congratulations to Ivy C. ’26.


Rising Star: Millie R. ’27
This athlete has made steady progress all year long. Her fitness has long been a strength of hers, and she continues to improve on her erg times. This rower's form was solid in the fall, and she used winter training as an opportunity to improve on the fine details of her stroke. As soon as we hit the water in the spring, she emerged as one of the top athletes on the freshmen/novice squad. This athlete brings positivity and a fun sense of humor to every practice. She has incredible potential in crew and we can't wait to see how she improves in future years. Congratulations, Millie R. ’27!

Coaches' Award: Sol H. ’24
A few words we could use to describe this athlete: kind, hardworking, full of integrity. This rower is one of the main reasons why we can get on and off the water efficiently each day. This awardee encourages and supports all rowers on this team, new and returning. The care, dedication, and conscientiousness xe brings is unmatched. Xe puts forth full effort during each workout and brings a consistently positive and patient attitude to all things. This rower takes no shortcuts and knows that hard work leads to growth and future success. Congratulations, Sol H. ’24!

Most Valuable Player: Clio N. ’24
This athlete has exhibited rapid growth on many fronts these last few years. First finding success as a rower, she pivoted to coxing and found success again. This Cox brings a level head, good vibes, and a sharp mind to the boat. She is a master manager, always ensuring that her boat is rigged properly and all equipment is ready to race. Her proficiency as a coxswain fools everyone into thinking she has many more years under her belt than reality. “She was only a novice last year!” This athlete has gone above and beyond, even as our team’s alternate transportation service. Her effective coxing is one of the reasons why our team has gotten so fast this year. Congratulations, Clio N. ’24!

Top Banana: Jane K. ’26
This athlete brings a can-do attitude to every practice. This season she expressed hesitation about stepping into the role of stroke seat but stepped up to great results. She is able to row well in any seat of a boat, on any side- quite an accomplishment! Her flexibility and positive attitude make her an indispensable rower on this team. We're excited to see what this rower can accomplish in future seasons. Congratulations to top banana Jane K. ’26!

Top Banana: Julia W. ’24
This rower is our team sunshine. Each day at practice, she brings smiles and excitement to get on the water and get a challenging workout in. She has nothing but encouragement and friendliness to share with her teammates. Her fitness is superb—with one of our top 1500 erg times, she's the star of most boats she rows in. We've seen great growth from her this season and it's impressive that she ended her second season by stroking the senior 4. Congratulations to top banana Julia!

JV Lacrosse

Most Valuable Player: Punch K. ’25
This player exemplifies the qualities of both an outstanding leader and an integral player on the field, with their consistent positivity, inclusive team spirit, excellent communication, and resilience in playing what is arguably the most challenging position in sports: lacrosse goalie!  Congratulations Punch K. ’25 on earning the Most Valuable Player Award for JV Lacrosse this year!    

Most Improved: Alexis W. ’25
This player has already succeeded in Emma’s pool as a varsity swimmer and was new to lacrosse as a junior.  From the first day she joined our team, she has been committed to learning the sport of lacrosse, asking helpful questions, honing her cradling and passing skills outside of practice, playing terrific defense, and supporting all her teammates!  Congratulations Alexis W. ’25 on your progress this year and on earning the Most Improved Player Award for JV Lacrosse this year! 

JV lax awards

Coach Duglin, Punch, Alexis, and Coach Davis.

Varsity Lacrosse

Most Valuable Player: Sherry H. ’24
This award goes to a player whose performance was critical to every game we played! The team would not have had many of the successes we experienced this season if it were not for this player. As the last line of defense, this player consistently demonstrated unparalleled skill and bravery between the posts. Her fearless demeanor has thwarted countless scoring attempts. Time and time again, she has proven herself to be a formidable force, instilling confidence in her teammates and inspiring them to give their all on the field. She is a committed teammate who cares about creating a positive environment for everyone. She is respectful to teammates, coaches, and opponents. She leads this team well on and off the field and is a great role model for others. We are delighted to crown Sherry H. ’24 as this season’s most valuable player!

Most Improved: Maela N. ’26
This award goes to a player who exemplified dedication and hard work to better her skills and get a stronger understanding of how best to play this game. This player came to every practice with enthusiasm and steadfast will. She looked to improve her skills and quickly did so by staying focused, applying feedback and giving her all each day. The team came to rely on her for her consistency, willingness to play where needed, and speed to get her to be everywhere on the field. While always pleasant, she was not afraid to dig deep and be aggressive in games. This award goes to Maela N. ’26.

Outdoor Track and Field

Most Improved: Izzy L. ’26
This year’s award goes to someone whose focus, improvement, positivity, and team spirit were all great assets for Emma Willard sprinting. She dropped four seconds in her four hundred meter time, two seconds in her two hundred time (which is no small achievement). Even more importantly, she was willing to do whatever the team needed when the moment came. Even when that meant running in a new race, even in a relay, and even in the final event of the meet, with all the spectators' attention. She stepped up throughout the season. This year's most improved award goes to Izzy L. ’26.

Most Improved Jumper: Ella W. ’27
This athlete’s dedication, hard work, and perseverance have led to remarkable improvements in her performance. From the start of the season, this athlete’s commitment to perfecting technique, increasing strength, and honing skills has been evident. She has shown that with determination and effort, great progress can be made. The improvement in personal best distances in the triple jump and high jump is a testament to their pursuit of excellence. In addition to her remarkable achievements, it is this athlete’s joy in life that truly stands out. Her enthusiasm and passion for track and field have been infectious, motivating everyone around her to smile. This love for the sport is what fuels her success and makes every jump a thrilling endeavor. The team is proud to have her as a member, and they look forward to her continued growth and success in the future. Congratulations to Ella W. ’27 as the most improved jumper.

Most Improved Thrower: Mikayla B. ’25
This student has demonstrated exceptional dedication, hard work, and a relentless pursuit of
excellence, leading to significant improvements in their performance. From the beginning of the season, this athlete has shown an unwavering commitment to mastering technique, building strength, and refining skills. They have consistently pushed boundaries, achieved impressive personal bests in the discus and shot put, and set new benchmarks for the team. This athlete has also had the greatest performance improvement this year, throwing an astonishing twelve feet further in the discus. This athlete’s journey is a testament to what can be accomplished with determination and hard work. The team is immensely proud of their achievements and looks forward to witnessing their continued growth and future successes. Congratulations to Mikayla B. ’25 for the most improved thrower.

Coaches’ Award: Sofia P. ’25
This year's award goes to an athlete who has consistently given 100% at every practice. This individual completes every rep with intention and never cuts a workout short. They have been a role model for their peers, exemplifying what it means to be a resilient athlete. Despite facing two consecutive disqualifications in the 3,000 meters, they asked to be placed back in the same event for the next race, confident in their ability to succeed with another attempt. Last spring, their fastest time in the 3,000 meters was 14:43. On their third attempt this season, and their first full attempt at the distance, they ran a 13:32, earning third place and points for the team. This athlete is frequently seen running around campus outside of practice hours. Recently, I received an email from a student outside of the track team, suggesting that this student deserves some sort of award because "her determination is one of the coolest things about her." I was SO happy to let this student know that I agreed and that Sofia P. ’25 had already been selected for the award.

track awards

Sofia, Izzy, Coach Towne, Ella and Mikayla.


Coaches’ Award: Elle K. ’24
While we called this award the Coaches’ Award, it could perhaps be more accurately described as the Unsung Hero award. This player was responsible for keeping everything running smoothly in the infield and even the outfield more often than not. Her upbeat attitude was the heart and soul of the team when we needed a rally or to make a defensive play, and she was never too busy to give advice to a younger player. She batted in one of the toughest spots in the lineup and always wanted to be in the box when the game was on the line. Her speed on the field helped her not only hit two triples this season and beat out base hit bunts, but cover nearly ⅔ of the field on any given hit! For her leadership on and off the field as well as her constant hustle and never-say-never attitude, we’re proud to present this Coaches’ Award to Elle K. ’24.

Coaches’ Award: Olana S. ’24
Our second Coaches’ Award goes to a player that quietly did her job all season long, and has steadily improved over the course of her time on the team. She’s not only improved her batting average but also her form, becoming someone the team can rely on for a clutch base hit or some RBIs. While her position isn’t always called on to make the flashiest of plays, it certainly helps to have a steady, reliable glove holding it down. Of course, a diving catch every now and again doesn't hurt either! For her unmatched ability to pick a throw out of the dirt at first base, we’re proud to present this Coaches’ Award to Olana S. ’24.

softball awards

Coach Skott, Elle, Olana and Coach LaFave.

Congratulations to all of our spring athletes on a successful season!


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