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Coco and Nini Y. ’25 in Yosemite Valley on the California AWAY trip

This month, our One of 360 series makes history by introducing siblings! Meet Coco and Nini Y. ’25, twins from Shanghai, China. Get to know more about their journey to Emma Willard School, how they start their day with music, and the exciting new experiences they are sharing together. 

On Home…
Our home is Shanghai, China! We’ve lived there all our life before coming to Emma. Our family consists of our parents and us, and we also spend a lot of time with our grandparents, aunts and our cousin over the weekends. 
On Emma…
When we decided to go abroad for high school, we did some research into boarding schools and learned about Emma. We were impressed by the long history of Emma and the academic program. And the campus is so beautiful! 
The people and the community at Emma are what make Emma special for us. We love spending time with friends and adults at Emma. They’ve always been cheering us on to explore new opportunities and take on challenges in our first year at Emma. Everyone is so supportive and makes us feel really connected to the community here! We hope to get to know more people during our time at Emma!
On Music, Writing, and Debate…
We are very passionate about playing the flute! We started learning to play the flute more than 6 years ago. We love practicing the flute, especially in the morning, as a refreshing way to start off the day. We enjoyed playing in the recitals and listening to other students play. We are also part of the orchestra and the chamber orchestra. It is great fun to play with a group of students who are also passionate about music and share the music with the community! We would like to learn about different styles of music in the future and try out different pieces. We would like to play more in ensembles, and we are excited about performing on Emma Artists' Day! 
We also like writing and debating. We are enrolled in the fiction writing class and are learning a lot from our classmates and teachers. 
C: I really like writing different stories, and I am learning different things in writing, such as descriptions, dialogues and change of POV. I hope to step out of my comfort zone and write about new, creative ideas. 
N: This semester I’ve been mainly focusing on describing emotions, imagination, and the effect of light in the surroundings. I look forward to writing from various people’s perspectives and trying out different tones and styles. 
We are also part of the PF Debate club at Emma and really enjoy researching and debating on topics that we did not know a lot about. 
On New Experiences…
This year at Emma, we explored many new things that we have never tried before. For example, we tried different sports like field hockey, skiing, and lacrosse. In the fall, being part of the JV Field Hockey team gave us a lot of joy and happy memories! We learned to play a team sport for the first time and enjoyed being in a team. Our coaches and teammates helped each other learn and grow and made the team like a warm family! Every practice and game was really fun! We are looking forward to playing in the new season in the next school year, challenging ourselves and having fun! 
We are excited about exploring more things in our time at Emma. Both of us are learning a third language this year and enjoying ourselves in art classes. We hope to discover more hobbies in the future!
On Traditions…
Our favorite tradition at Emma is Eventide. We really enjoyed playing in the orchestra and listening to the choir sing on that day. Lighting the candles was amazing! It made us feel warm and festive in the winter. We also liked other traditions such as Emmaween, Revels and Peanuts and Shells. So excited to experience them again!

Thanks, Coco and Nini, for sharing your passions and contributing to the Emma Willard School community in unique and significant ways. We look forward to seeing the impact you will have as you continue to serve and shape our world!


Coco and Nini Y. ’25 posing for a photo with 5 friends after their performance in Lyon-Remington
Coco and Nini Y. ’25, in black dresses, playing the flute inside Lyon-Remington during the Winter Music Recital
Coco Y. ’25, in a black dress, playing the flute in Lyon-Remington
Nini Y. ’25, in a black dress, smiling after her flute performance in Lyon-Remington
Coco and Nini Y. ’25 with their JV Field Hockey teammates and coaches on the playing fields
Coco and Nini Y. ’25 in front of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco on the California AWAY trip

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