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students mimicking the pose of a statue in the Chroma exhibit

AS Art History and Emma Artists visited New York Museums for a field trip.

AS Art History enjoyed visiting the Chroma: Ancient Sculpture in Color exhibit and seeing in person so many of the ancient and medieval pieces we had studied in class. Students also appreciated the Islamic art galleries, as we had just completed our study of the Islamic world. Exploration of the extensive collection often leads to new discoveries, as one student stumbled on a complete illustrated manuscript of a William Blake poem she had studied in her English class this semester. Taking the time to be away from campus among friends is always a great way to build classroom community and reward students for the hard work they put into their learning each day. On a personal note, Art History Instructor Emily Snyder notes, "I also appreciate the time spent with my colleagues in the art department; we always learn a little more about each other's work as educators when we travel together." In this photo, AS Art History students standing in the same pose as the New York Kouros, something they do in class to learn about the basic changes in Greek sculpture over time.

Emma Visual Artists in front of the Guggenheim

Art Instructor Lindsay Snyder shares: The Emma Artist students had such a great time on this field trip. We started with a visit to the Met where many of them spent time in the Contemporary Wing and in the European painting galleries. We then walked to the Guggenheim to see the Nick Cave exhibition, which was very powerful. He is a contemporary artist whose work is a mixture of performance art, dance and sculpture. So, it was appealing to many different aspects of our students. His work touches on race, identity and gender. So, it was really powerful for our students to see an artist working from this conceptual perspective. Many of my students said when they left NYC, they were feeling inspired and ready to get back into the studio!


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