Alumnae Association

Jude '72

For me, Emma is as much a part of me today as it was at the time I was a student. I realize how much it shaped me as a human being.
Established in 1892, the Emma Willard School Alumnae Association Council provides a vital link between the school and its diverse and loyal graduates.
The Council members meet three times per year. They have two on-campus meetings (Oct. 25-26 and May 16-17) and one meeting via teleconference on Jan. 31.

Council Officers are elected for a term of three years in that position; no Officer shall serve more than one term in the same office. All Members-at-Large are elected for a term of three years; with Members serving no more than two consecutive terms in that position. No member of the Council shall serve on the Council for more than fifteen consecutive years. The Annual Alumnae Association meeting is held each year during Reunion.

List of 24 members.

  • Samantha Jones 

  • Heather-Leigh Wells 

  • Suzanne Longley 

  • Jamila Best 

  • Karen Brifu 

  • Jaclyn Canning-Murphy 

  • Deirdre Chiaramonte 

  • Karen Cox 

  • Anna Ellis 

  • Valerie Gonyea 

  • Odile Gordon 

  • Beverly Gunther 

  • Heidi Knoblauch 

  • Hillary Kohler 

  • Corrie Martin 

  • Alicia Matulewicz 

  • Kelly McDonald 

  • Marisa Moriarty 

  • Noel Nowicki 

  • Valerie Parsegian 

  • Helen Pettit 

  • Elizabeth Pollack 

  • Jessica Rossetti 

  • Karen Styslinger 

Submit your nomination

Each year new members are elected to the Alumnae Association Council. If you are interested in serving your Alma Mater in this way or know someone else who you think might be interested, please submit your nomination by completing the AAC Nomination Form. We need your ideas and enthusiastic participation. Even if you do not have time right now to serve, please offer your suggestions. Emma Willard alumnae are never short of opinions, and we always welcome yours.
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