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Girl Summer (Upper) Explorer

The program is for the native English speaker and writer only. All Mainland Chinese applicants will be otherwise directed to Upper English Immersion and be charged accordingly. Thank you.

All girls enrolled in GirlSummer Explorer (Upper) create their own schedules from the Upper Electives offerings. Girls enrolled in a concentration: GirlSummer English Immersion, GirlSummer Writer's Retreat, or Girls Who Code® participate in two GirlSummer Electives, which adds variety to their day and helps them to build additional meaningful connections.
She is a rising 6th-9th grader choosing her summer plan of exploration. She can select from an array of electives including cooking, physics, chemistry, newspaper creation, photography, ceramics, carpentry, dance, and basketball. By diversifying her day, she is able to explore five different areas of interest.

Mix and match your GirlSummer schedule by choosing from our wide range of electives. With courses in athletics, the visual and performing arts, language and writing, and STEM, you’ll have ample opportunity to enjoy activities you already love and explore new interests.

Whether you want to dig into a technical robotics or photography course, or enjoy traditional summer camp activities like swimming, crafting, and cooking, you’re sure to find options that keep you engaged and entertained while learn.

Upper Electives

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  • Athletics

    Experience this fun game with birdies! Daily practice in volleying, serving, and scoring. Enjoy friendly competition and teamwork with doubles play.

    Girls participate in age-appropriate games and drills while receiving instruction in individual skills such as ball handling, shooting, and passing.

    Gym Games
    Come join us for organized group games! You will participate in a variety of team-building activities and skill-focused exercises in the gym and outside. This is an excellent class for all ages and abilities.

    Girls will learn to play the fastest growing sport in America while receiving instruction in individual skills such as groundstrokes, volleys, touch shots and strategy.

    Spend time out on the field practicing skills and making new friends.

    Sports Conditioning
    Work hard, play hard, and get ready for your next competitive season with a variety of activities such as running, spinning, aqua jogging, strength training, and stretching. Girls enjoy scavenger hunts, relay races, and other games that make fun and friendship a part of training. This program is ideal for girls training for a fall sport or beginning athletes looking to explore fitness and develop a love for exercise. The Sports Conditioning program is a double elective and is led by Erin Hatton, Emma Willard's head cross country coach and Division I collegiate Nordic skier.

    Swimming (Open Swim)
    Girls have the opportunity to cool off and participate in this fun Open Swim activity in our aquatic center under the supervision of two Red Cross certified lifeguards. Pool depth: The shallow end is 4 feet and the deep end is 12 feet. Level of Beginning Swimmer is required. A swimming test will be administered on the first day for those enrolled in free swim. Swimmers are required to bring their own towels.

    Bring your racket and learn new skills on the court.

    Girls receive instruction in fundamental volleyball skills and game strategies. Practice sessions and mini competitions will be used to develop essential volleyball skills. Learn to bump, set, spike, and serve.

    Fun, friends, fitness! Have a rockin', movin', and groovin' time at Zumba! Girls of all ages will get active by learning and creating their own routines to pop songs. It is like one big dance party!
  • Visual Arts

    Bead Shop
    Create art that you're proud to wear! Choosing from more than 100 colors, shapes, and sizes of beads, girls will create necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, rings, and more!

    With a safety first approach, come learn basic carpentry skills, or explore more advanced techniques if you are ready! GirlSummer carpentry is a fun and supportive place to try new things and test your abilities. By the end of this class, you will craft multiple projects using a variety of methods and tools.

    Explore the exciting world of ceramics through slab and coil hand-building. Girls may create a variety of kiln-fired ceramic pieces such as bowls, cups, mirrors and wind chimes. The emphasis of this class is on creative imagination, technique, and design.

    Drawing and Painting
    Girls learn technique and work to develop skills and abilities as they complete a variety of projects.

    Mixed Media
    This art experience offers the chance to explore and blend various art media. A mixed-media approach is used to allow freedom of expression.

    Photography Exploration
    From pin-hole cameras to digital photography, girls will deepen their understanding of this artform through a variety of projects and experiences. Any level of digital camera is welcome--even an old smartphone!
  • Performing Arts

    Dance – Jazz
    Already have some dance experience? Take the opportunity to dance to fast-paced popular music as they work through warm-ups, isolations, combinations and across-the-floor patterns. Girls will experience the energy of both individual and group dance.

    Dance – Hip-Hop
    Explore this dynamic and engaging dance form. Express yourself as you learn techniques, create moves, and rehearse routines for end-of-session performances.

    Quick on your feet and gain confidence in front of a room of people.

    Skits and Behind the Stage
    Skits and Behind the Stage is a great experience to work on your acting skills while learning about the backstage production. Learn how to do lights, sound, and set-creation and be prepared to work with your classmates on a skit for show.

    Equal parts percussion, movement and acting, Stomp is a fun way to develop and showcase rhythm.  Using normal objects such as brooms, trash cans and your own hands and feet as instruments, we will devise and rehearse small skits focused on percussion to perform at the end of each session.  No formal musical training is needed.

    Theater - Broadway Bound
    If you are interested in musical theater, this mix of drama, song and dance is for you! Guided by talented drama and dance instructors, girls will have the chance to work with familiar musical selections and scripts, rehearsing and developing a particular song to perform.

    Theater - Stars of Tomorrow
    Come experience the major elements of theater in a relaxed atmosphere! Girls will learn to express themselves through voice and movement, while participating in activities such as script-writing and improvisation. Leave feeling comfortable and confident performing in front of a small group.

    Public Speaking
    Girls receive instruction and gain experience in preparing and delivering speeches with confidence and poise in public settings and group discussions.
  • Reading/Writing

    The Write Stuff
    Experience the power of writing through discussion of your thoughts and ideas. You will read poetry, plays, and other forms for inspiration. This class is for everyone who enjoys reading, conversation, and stories. Each of us has a story to tell. Come share yours!

    This hands-on, student-centered, experiential class puts our girls in charge of reporting on life at GirlSummer. Students will spend the first eight days writing, reporting, interviewing, and photographing the big stories of GirlSummer. On the final day of camp, they will distribute the newspaper to everyone. Come and join the GirlSummer newsroom!

    Women Sheroes (She-Heroes) in History
    Who are the women who have shaped history? This elective is for anyone looking to expand their understanding of historical events and the important, daring roles women have played. We call these women “sheroes” for a reason!
  • STEM

    Mix anything interesting lately? Learn how to combine everyday items to create curious concoctions and potions for a variety of uses.

    Motion! Friction! Electricity! Put on your lab coat and get ready for science experiments that will rock your world.

    Coding, Circuitry, and Robotics
    In this class, a girl learns to make things happen on screen and in the real world via computer code. More importantly, she will have the tools to continue her studies on her own should she choose to do so.

    Sleuths, Detectives and Investigators
    Did the butler do it? Use investigative techniques to solve mysteries! Try your hand at fingerprint identification, analysis of clues, and interviewing to solve a whodunit.
  • Adventure/Life Skills

    Challenge Island
    Adventure lovers! Through a series of individual tests and team tests you will figure out ways to achieve results. Can you undo a human knot? What about making your way from one side of the Triangle to the other with just two planks of wood? This elective is all about strategy.

    Mars Colony
    Do you wonder what kind of city might be built on Mars one day? Design and build a prototype out of everyday materials.

    We all need to feel confident in protecting ourselves. Learn skills that will take your confidence to a new level.

    Survival and Life Skills
    Learn how to start a fire, use a compass, how to stay warm and dry, find safe sources of water, change a tire, know your own emergency list, know what to do in danger situations, and better know your surroundings — how to be more observant in our everyday lives.

Program Information

Type: Day or Boarding

Ages: Rising 6th - 9th graders (ages 11-15)

$650 - 2 week session (Day)
$2200 - 2 week sessions (Boarding)
Early bird rate: $600 (Day) or $2100 (Boarding) (register by February 1, 2018)

2 Week Session 1: July 9-20, 2018
2 week Session 2: July 23-August 3, 2018

Boarders arrive on Sunday between 10am-2:00pm and depart on Saturday before noon.

Arrival/sign-in: 8:30–8:45 a.m.
(Students are welcome to arrive as early as 8:00 a.m.)
Sign-out/dismissal: 3:00-3:30 p.m.

Optional After care
3:00pm - 5:30pm add $225 per session

At GirlSummer we know that parents’ lives are busy and can get busier at a moment’s notice. Our GirlSummer Aftercare program provides extended care from 3:00-5:30PM, and allows girls to participate in sports, arts, music, and other fun experiences through the afternoon. A nutritious snack is always included. Parents can sign up for the full session ($225), or make use of our drop-in rate as needed.

Registration opens December 1, 2017.

GirlSummer (Upper) Immersion

The ultimate pairing for the rising 6th-9th grader. We welcome her to choose Writer’s Retreat or for the non-native English speaker, English Immersion. After lunch, she will join two electives such as open swim, dance, carpentry, ceramics, and cooking. A day of focus and fun.

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  • Writer's Retreat Immersion

    This program is designed for the native English speaker and writer only. Any applicants from Mainland China will be moved to Upper English Immersion and be charged accordingly.
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  • Girls Who Code

    This morning immersion course is designed for the Upper girl (rising 6th-9th grade) who is very interested in learning skills in computer programming. This course follows the curriculum designed by Girls Who Code® and prepares the girl for study in a high school computer science course.
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  • English Immersion

    The choice for the non-native speaker looking to hone fundamental English communication skills. Focus will be paid to speaking, listening, and writing in English both in the Morning Immersion and throughout the girl’s GirlSummer experience. Each girl should come with the intention to gain confidence and correctness in speaking English.
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