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  • All-School Meeting Focuses on Safety and Community Guidelines

    The well-being and safety of our students is the utmost priority at Emma Willard School. As such, our first all-school meeting of a new academic year focuses on ensuring the entire community knows and understands the school’s policies, procedures, protections, and cultural norms. 
  • Student Leaders Trained as Mentors in Violence Prevention

    Our student leaders are vital resources for Emma Girls. Each year, girls undergo a rigorous application process to become a senior Proctor or junior Wellness Advocate (formerly known as Peer Educators). These leaders are trained to provide direction and advice for navigating the many aspects of life at Emma. As such, they undergo training on a number of topics. 
  • Emma Unveils Updated Policies and Procedures

    Each school year, members of the Emma Willard School administration and student life teams reevaluate, refine, add new, or expand policies in our community handbook Fine Print, and the Employee Handbook. This year, the team worked with our partner Culture of Respect on this process to ensure that student safety was as clearly defined and as accessible as possible. 
  • Timeline of Emma Healthy Boundaries Initiatives

    Release of the Cozen O'Connor Report

    Dear Emma Community,

    As promised in our communications since July, 2016, we have been determined to share and confront the facts surrounding sexual abuse at Emma Willard School.

    Today, we present you with the complete results of the external audit conducted by child protection experts Leslie M. Gomez and Gina Maisto Smith of the law firm Cozen O'Connor. You can access the report on our website here and at We are making it available to everyone in the Emma community.

Continuous, On-Campus Programming

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  • Health Classes

    Sophomores in our health classes spend several sessions covering relationships, women's health, and sexual health. As part of this programming, girls are informed of issues including sexual assault and intimate partner violence, and are provided with examples of appropriate and inappropriate relationships, ways to negotiate relationships, and where to turn for assistance and support.
  • Student Leadership

    Emma's student leaders—our Wellness Advocates and Proctors--undergo training on bystander intervention and how to assist should they witness any type of assault. Additionally, our Proctors educate girls on recognizing potentially unsafe or dangerous situations and what to do if help is needed.
  • Health & Wellness Center

    Our Health & Wellness Center provides information on the prevention of sexual assault, both publicaly on display boards and in person via our nurses. Our nurses are also engaged in the delivery of the women's and sexual health sessions of our health classes. Emma Willard School also has counsellors on staff who provide relevant information and referrals to students who require it. Learn more about all the resources available in our Health & Wellness Center.
  • Senior Retreat

    Before leaving Emma, seniors attend a two-day retreat where they attend an informational session on sexual assault on college campuses.

Recent News

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  • Online trainings from United Educators

    Emma Employees Take Online Sexual Misconduct Training

    Emma Willard School faculty and staff members recently completed mandatory online trainings through United Educators entitled: Workplace Harassment Prevention Fundamentals (K12); and Protecting Children: Identifying and Reporting Sexual Misconduct.
  • The AATF presented their final report to the Emma Board on May 6.

    AATF Final Report

    On Saturday, May 6, the Alumnae Advisory Task Force (AATF) presented their final report to the Emma Willard School Board of Trustees at the spring BOT meeting.
  • Alumnae Advisory Task Force Recommendations to the Emma Board of Trustees

    Last fall, the Board of Trustees asked that a volunteer group be formed, composed of alumnae with expertise and commitment to the issue of sexual assault. The Alumnae Advisory Task Force (“AATF”) was charged with reviewing the policies and practices in place at our school regarding the education, prevention and reporting of sexual abuse and misconduct.
  • Dean of Students and Wellbeing Shelley Mahar and students present Campus Core Leadership Team findings to the Emma Willard School Board of Trustees during the January Board meeting.

    Emma Willard School Partners with Culture of Respect

    Emma Willard School has engaged the organization Culture of Respect to assist the school in its endeavors to ensure that the school is following best practices in responding to and preventing sexual abuse on campus. Work with the advocacy organization began in late fall and the school is the first high school in the country to partner with Culture of Respect.
  • Alumnae Advisory Task Force Update

    On Friday, January 27, Andrea Hanley, vice chair of the Alumnae Advisory Task Force (AATF) gave a presentation to the Emma Willard School Board of Trustees.
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Important Message

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  • From Leslie M. Gomez and Gina Smith

    With an Update from Dr. Susan R. Groesbeck

    February 8, 2017

    Child protection experts Leslie M. Gomez and Gina Maisto Smith, who have been leading an external investigation into historical allegations of sexual abuse at Emma Willard School, have left the Pepper Hamilton law firm to join Cozen O’Connor.
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