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What if there was the opportunity to “try on” your desired future? Through our Signature program, seniors delve deeper into a topic to produce a final project or presentation demonstrating her personal capstone experience—her Signature.

Every girl has a Signature to put on the world. What's yours?

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There’s Paint on Your Shirt

Annie has always loved observing, studying, and understanding people, so it’s no surprise that her Signature project artfully reflects her passion for people. Believing that art is less about the process and more about the final message, you might say Annie’s takeaway was profound.

Annie now attends Tufts University.

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The Passion Project

Everyone has a defining story. For Jeannette, her Signature project, Humans of Emma Willard School, became hers. Setting out to connect her Emma community through backgrounds, personalities, and interests, her encounters affected Jeannette in ways she never expected. Never judge a book by its cover.

Jeannette now attends Cornell University.

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From the Archives

If a picture says a thousand words, then Emagin’s archival quest into the artifacts of Emma Willard history speaks volumes. Her Signature project—EmaginEmma—not only strengthened Emagin’s critical thinking skills, but also helped her appreciate the history of Emma parallel to major historical events.

Emagin now attends Northwestern University.

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Cell Culture

When it came to her Signature project, Julia had an interesting hypothesis…that working in a real lab might be a guiding factor for what she wants to pursue in college. The results? Studying cell growth and behavior both challenged and inspired her to pursue future research opportunities in the sciences.

Julia now attends Davidson College.

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The Feifan Project

Sweet like candy. That’s how Feifan might describe her Signature vision for the practice room in the Snell music wing on campus. Inspired by public interactive community art, Feifan set out to create a vibrant and welcoming space where musicians could interact and recognize the power of diversity.

Feifan now attends Columbia University.

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Art by Lily

Seeing her art as a “dream one can change,” Lily used her Signature project as an opportunity to move away from traditional drawing and push herself to try new mediums and techniques. Her minimal designs surprise upon closer look and capture small snapshots of happiness through her art.

Lily now attends Earlham College.

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And Then the String Popped

Through her adventures as a pre-college harpist at Juilliard, Sarah shares her moments of, shall we say, “tiny catastrophe.” Using skill she has learned on how to move on when things get rough, Sarah considers the development of this ability a success in terms of her growth as both a musician and performer.

Sarah now attends Princeton University.

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The Art of Summer

To call Summer’s Signature art “disturbing” is quite the compliment. Inspired by her work with autistic children, her illustrations encourage the visual exploration of distraction and disturbance to help those with autism learn how to better cope with the unpredictability of the world around us.

Summer now attends Northwestern University

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Slingin’ Colors: A Metaphor

For Molly, Signature Showcase may have been about more than organizing her pieces into a cohesive body of work. Using her art as a means of outward expression, Molly’s choice of subject matter allowed her to make personal commentaries on society, exploring authenticity and façade in regards to humanity.

Molly now attends Skidmore College.

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Days at the Mushroom Factory

Christi will never see a mushroom the same way again. Through hands-on involvement in creating environmentally responsible materials from agricultural byproducts and mushroom mycelium, Christi was able to gain a broader view of the applications of science in the real world.

Christi now attends New York University.

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Future Life-Saver, Kailin

For more than two years, Kailin’s love of biology and chemistry has allowed her to work with graduate students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute on biomedical research aimed at opening the blood-brain barrier—work that could lead to innovative biotherapies and insight into diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Kailin now attends Washington U. in St. Louis.

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Lights, Camera, ACTION!

An exemplary model of a self-motivated Signature artist, Natalie spent the summer before her senior year creating Consider the Lilies, a personally inspired documentary film that captures the dynamics between family-owned farms and corporate natural gas companies.

Natalie now attends Boston University

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