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    • The Boarding School Experience at Emma Willard School

Our resident faculty are educational professionals whose primary responsibility is living and working in the residence halls, ensuring you receive the highest level of care and support.

Our dedicated and diverse team plays a key role in guiding you through Emma’s academic and social lives, providing personalized support, and giving positive encouragement every single day. As the “parents away from home,” they partner with parents in an effort to guide you through your Emma journey.

They also work closely with each other and our student leaders on each hall lead a boarding curriculum through hall teas and events to foster bonding, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and to address community living topics such as culture shock, conflict mediation, diversity, and life skills. 

Proctors are seniors who are chosen by the Director of Student Life and proctor advisors to lead, support, inspire, and guide the student body throughout the academic year. There are fifteen boarding proctors (one on each of our dormitory halls) and five day student proctors, all of whom undergo extensive training at the beginning of their senior year. From decorating their halls and day student lockers to interpreting and supporting school policies, proctors are an omnipresent force at Emma. Each boarding proctor works closely with her residential team, where she provides student feedback and helps establish appropriate support systems for the students on her hall. Day student proctors work closely with the Director of Student Life to ensure that day student needs receive appropriate attention and support.

List of 12 members.

  • Photo of Stacey Dodd

    Stacey Dodd 

    Resident Faculty
  • Photo of Sydney Doornbos

    Sydney Doornbos 

    Resident Faculty, Co-Head Varsity Volleyball Coach
  • Photo of Jasmine Genji

    Jasmine Genji 

    Resident Faculty
  • Photo of Catherine Knauss

    Catherine Knauss 

    Resident Faculty
  • Photo of Charis Kotfila

    Charis Kotfila 

    Resident Faculty
  • Photo of Margaret  McCulloch

    Margaret  McCulloch 

    Resident Faculty, Assistant Varsity Track and Field Coach
  • Photo of Adelayo Ogunwusi

    Adelayo Ogunwusi 

    Resident Faculty
  • Photo of Molly Riley

    Molly Riley 

    Resident Faculty
  • Photo of Heidi Spohn

    Heidi Spohn 

    Resident Faculty, Assistant JV Soccer Coach
  • Photo of Jennifer Ulicnik

    Jennifer Ulicnik 

    Resident Faculty
  • Photo of Genesis Villar

    Genesis Villar  

    Resident Faculty
  • Photo of Katharine Wilson

    Katharine Wilson 

    Ceramics Instructor, Resident Faculty
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