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One of the most exciting aspects about being a part of Emma is deciding where to get involved! Our inspiring environment will allow you to feel comfortable trying something new, or even starting a club of your own.
Clubs and activities are organized around common pursuits, such as music performance, Mock Trial, and Science Olympiad; creating products like the school newspaper The Clock or Triangle literary magazine; a common purpose, interest, or area of advocacy; or providing a particular service to the school, such as our student leaders, EMbassador tour guides, and peer tutors.
Explore a sampling of our clubs below!

Student Leadership

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  • Student Council

    School Council is a group of student leaders who represent the student body. They listen to, and when possible, address student concerns and provide two-way communication between the student body and the school administration.

    The council is made up of eight seats: two at-large members elected by the entire student body, a representative for each class, one wellness advocate, one proctor, and one international student representative.

    School Council chooses a president among its members each fall. Other officers may be chosen at the same time. In the spring, elections for both class and at-large representatives are held for the following academic year.
  • Wellness Advocates

    The Emma Wellness Advocates "Wellies" serve the entire Emma community to promote the practice of empowering students to live a healthy life. These students go through comprehensive and continuous training in consultation with the Health Center, READY Center, and the faculty/staff advisors. They work to promote the well-being of the community by developing creative and appropriate programming (such as workshops, outreach, and events) to support our students’ journeys towards making informed and healthy lifestyle choices. Students will gain an enhanced understanding of health and wellness topics and techniques for educating and engaging effectively with their community.
  • Proctors

    Proctors are seniors who are chosen by the Director of Student Life and proctor advisors to lead, support, inspire, and guide the student body throughout the academic year. There are fifteen boarding proctors (one on each of our dormitory halls) and five day student proctors, all of whom undergo extensive training at the beginning of their senior year. From decorating their halls and day student lockers to interpreting and supporting school policies, proctors are an omnipresent force at Emma. Each boarding proctor works closely with her residential team, where she provides student feedback and helps establish appropriate support systems for the students on her hall. Day student proctors work closely with the Director of Student Life to ensure that day student needs receive appropriate attention and support.

Clubs & Activities

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  • Agonies

    Agonies is an all senior selected comedy group. Their side-splitting performances put a smile on the faces of all that behold them!
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Samantha L. '22, Abby Z. '22, Charlotte H. '22
  • Albany Area Math Circle

    Brings together math-loving high school students from around the Capital Region for math explorations and recreation, often using competition problems.
  • American Red Cross

    The American Red Cross prevents and alleviates human suffering in the face of emergencies by mobilizing the power of volunteers and the generosity of donors.​
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Eaint M. '22, Leanna L. '22
  • Amnesty International

    Amnesty International is a global movement of millions of people demanding human rights for all people.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Olivia P. '22, Sallie R. '22
  • Black and Latinx Student Union (BLSU)

    The Black and Latinx Student Union (BLSU) club aims to bring issues faced by different minority groups to light through lively discussions and events, and by engaging with members of the Emma Willard School community.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Emma S. '22, Asia F. '22
  • Choir

    The Emma Willard School choir is open to any student who loves to express themselves through singing.

    CREATE(Coding Robotics Engineering AT Emma) is an academic club where Emma students learn coding and robotics skills that are not taught in the classroom
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Stella L.' 23, Jessica Z. ' 22
  • Democracy Matters

    Democracy Matters is a non-partisan national organization that works to get big money out of politics and further democratize our political system. The club participates in discussions, hostss speakers, attends local marches, and speaks to representatives. Democracy Matters works to inform the student body about campaign finance reforms and how the issue transcends many social injustices that we fight today.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Bailey L. '23, Nikki B. '22
  • Dor Va Dor

    Dor Va Dor aims to spread Jewish culture, through education and celebration.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Izzy S. '22, Beckett M. '22
  • e-nable

    The mission of E-nable is to 3D print prosthetic hands for those who have lost mobility or do not have hands. We work with the larger e-NABLE organization to be matched with those who can use our hands in the area.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Evangeline W. '23, Olivia M. '22
    Associated Office: Service Learning
  • EMbassadors (Tour Guides)

    EMbassadors are Emma Willard School’s student tour guides. Come take a tour and learn about our school from those who know it best!
    2021-2022 Head Tour Guides: Nicole B. '22, Taylor S. '22, Tess J. '22, Mika F. '22, Rowan L. '22
  • Emma Arch

    Emma Arch works to connect Emma Alumni with current students. This club helps organize reunions, Alumni outreach, the senior gift, and the Emma Fund!
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Neris G. '23, Mika F. 22
    Advisor: Mr. Slaughter
  • Emma Equine

    Club leaders: Caroline G. '23, Isa J. '23
  • Emma Genius

    Our student tech support club. This is who you contact if you have questions about using the student printers, want help learning how to use MyEmma, Gmail or other Google tools, or have any other tech questions.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Isabel S. '22, Amber C. 22
  • Emma Green

    Emma Green, the school’s environmental club, works to educate itself as well as the greater community about environmental issues and ways to reduce negative environmental impacts. Club members also work with administrators to make the school more environmentally friendly, such as with composting and recycling initiatives.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Eva S. '22, Riko E. '23
  • F-Word

    The F-Word is Emma Willard School's feminist club, which aims to educate and engage the Emma community on the topic of intersectional feminism in order to contribute to positive world change through activism and social justice work.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Miu S. '22, Lena C. '23
  • Fair Trade

    Emma Willard School was the first Fair Trade high school in the United States. Our Fair Trade club works to educate the community and each other about the ideals of Fair Trade. Through promotions and sales, they encourage conscious consumerism and advocate for sustainability, fair wages, and girls’ education worldwide.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Iren G. '23, Anita M. '23
  • Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools (FOCUS)

    Emma’s Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools (FOCUS) is for anyone interested in learning about Christianity and exploring a life of faith.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Dara I. '23, Sam Y. '23, Gabby Z. '22
  • Film Club

    2021-2022 Club Head: Sofia P. '22
  • Foreign and American Student Organization (FASO)

    The Foreign and American Student Organization (FASO) promotes cultural awareness through games, discussions, presentations, campus dinners, and an annual expo.
  • Future Health Professionals (HOSA)

    HOSA, (Future Health Professionals) formerly known as Health Occupations Students of America, is an international career and technical student organization endorsed by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Technology Education Division of ACTE. HOSA is an organization that strives to prepare students in different areas of healthcare. 
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Melisande N. '23, Teresa Z. '23
  • Gargoyle (Yearbook)

    Gargoyle, Emma’s yearbook, chronicles a single school year. Members of this club create the page layouts, write the stories, and capture the pictures for the yearbook.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Lillian L. '22, Rowan L. '22
  • Humaniteam (Humanities Tutors)

    The Humaniteam is a group of peer tutors that assist students with their history or English needs and questions.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Saho S. '22, Beatrice C. '23, Lillian L. '22
  • JSG and 12 Tones

    Emma’s Junior Signing Group (JSG) and 12 Tones are groups of selected juniors and seniors who sing and perform a capella throughout the year.
  • Language Tutors

    Language tutors assist their peers with their language learning needs.
  • LiNK (Liberty in North Korea)

    Focuses on and supports the freedom of North Korea by helping refugees with their settle-down procedure after escaping the country for their freedom.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Eunice J. 23
  • Mathematics

    Students have the opportunity to participate in recreational and competitive mathematics experiences. The New York State Math League is a 30-minute test offered six times a year, and we compete with schools from all over the state. The Albany Area Math Circle is a recreational mathematics group bringing together students who enjoy math from all over the Capital Region. You'll enjoy math explorations, collaborative work on competition-level problems, a chance to meet other math enthusiasts, and travel to competitions if you choose. We emphasize working together to solve problems that might be at the edge of what we can do on our own.
  • MEDTalks

    2021-2022 Club Heads: Jiwoo L. '22, Sravya L. '22, Melisande N. '23
  • Mock Trial

    Learn about the law while practicing and competing in a fun court case! 
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Kate M. '24, Tina Q. '22
  • Model UN

    Be a delegate of the United Nations and debate positions in different committees.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Maple L. '23, Sam Y. '23
  • Multicultural International American Student Union (MIASU)

    The Multicultural International American Student Union (MIASU) promotes cultural awareness through games, discussions, presentations, campus dinners, and an annual expo.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Eunice J. '23, Helena L. '22
  • Muslim Club

    2021-2022 Club Heads: Ari S. '22, Faiza A. '22
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI@Emma)

    As the first high school chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), NAMI@Emma aims to the stigma surrounding mental illness by raising awareness in the Emma community and engaging in activism off campus.
    2021-2022 Club Head: Abby G. '22

    OMEGA, Emma’s fashion club, provides students with innovative, hands-on, and entrepreneurial experiences to become tomorrow’s industry leaders.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Diana L. '22, Inci K. '24, Anita M. '23
  • Orchestra

    Share your talents on string, woodwind, brass, or percussion instruments in the Emma Willard School orchestra!
  • Phila

    Phila, the school’s philanthropy club, serves as a student-run foundation where members interact with and distribute grants to local nonprofits according to a chosen focus.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Zoe L. '22
  • Philosophy

    Philosophy club examines various branches of philosophy and ethics, philosophical works, and fu thought experiments. Through exchanges of opinions and beliefs, the aim is to connect personal philosophies to real-world actions. 
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Tina Q. '22
  • Pride Alliance

    Pride Alliance offers a safe space for all people of the Emma community to engage in understanding and awareness of LGBTQ+ topics and diversity within all people.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Ari I. '22, Abby G. '22
  • Primes (Math and Science Tutors)

    Primes are student tutors who are willing to help every Emma student with their math and science learning.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Katie Y. '22, Evangeline W. '23
  • Quiz Team

    The Quiz Team is Emma’s academic trivia competition team. Each week they practice questions on topics ranging from the laws of thermodynamics to Lady Gaga. The team competes against other local high schools, in tournaments at nearby colleges, and on the national level.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Raji H. '24, Olivia L . '24
  • Relay for Life

    The Emma Willard School branch of Relay for Life is a broader initiative by the American Cancer Society that focuses on raising awareness about the lasting impacts of cancer and raising funds towards cancer research. Our work will culminate in a fun Relay for Life event in the spring.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Zoe L. '22
  • Robotics

    Members of the Robotics Club learn engineering and programming skills as they build competitive robots that compete in local VEX Robotics competitions. Each robot is created by a team of 3-4 students. We meet twice a week, in the evenings, year-round, for a minimum of 4 hours per week. During competition weeks we meet even longer. Auditions / tryouts / interviews for new members occur in the fall. All skill levels are welcome; we teach you skills during the audition process. Students should know that the time commitment can be intense and this activity cannot be combined with others that meet in the evening or have competitions on Saturdays, such as Mock Trial, Quiz Team or Debate.
  • Science Olympiad

    Emma’s Science Olympiad team is a group of passionate learners who study various science topics, both textual and hands-on, and compete in the New York State Science Olympiad Competition.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Amber C. '22, Cay I. '23, Ada W. '24
  • Speech & Debate

    The mission of Emma’s debate club is to educate, which includes flexing the muscles of critical thinking and logic, learning about debate techniques, and analyzing current events. The club also competes in regional competitions throughout the year.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Teresa Z. '23, Karina L. '22
  • Spilled Ink

    Emma Willard School's poetry club. 
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Beatrice G. '22
  • Student Organization for Animal Respect (SOAR)

    The Student Organization for Animal Respect (SOAR) advocates for the wellbeing of animals, while bringing awareness to the Emma community about the issues of maltreatment. SOAR organizes many events throughout the school year, from fundraising for animal rights organizations to volunteering at the local animal sanctuaries. 
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Jenny J. '22
  • The Clock (Student Newspaper)

    The Clock is Emma Willard School's printed news publication, which informs the Emma community about relevant news on campus, in the greater Capital Region, and in the world.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Jenny R. '22, Izzy S. '22
  • Triangle (Literary Magazine)

    Triangle Literary Board is a club that is responsible for compiling literary works from the community into the annual art and literary magazine.
    2021-2022 Club Heads (Lit): Abby G. '22, Anyatama B. '23
    2021-2022 Club Heads (Art): Claire L. '23, Chelsea Y. '22
  • UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund)

    UNICEF is an organization that helps give children the childhood they deserve. This club works on spreading the importance of supporting the children and fundraising to support the organization.
    2021-2022 Club Heads: Hanhee Y. '22, Serena L. '23

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