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Founded in 1814, Emma Willard is one of the oldest boarding schools for girls in the United States. From its very earliest days, the student body has included girls from all over the world. The school's founder, Emma Hart Willard, enrolled girls from France, England, Scotland, the West Indies, Greece, and Turkey. International students, who represent approximately 25 percent of the Emma Willard School student body, join young women from all over the United States who come here to pursue a college-preparatory education. International students are quickly integrated into the community.

Today more than 30 countries are currently represented on the campus, including Botswana, China, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Fast Facts

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  • Director of Student Life

    The Director of Student Life, Emily Snyder, helps international students with such diverse issues as academic support, vacation arrangements, cultural adjustment, scheduling advice, and immigration matters. She can be reached at
  • English for International Students

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  • Immigration Information

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  • International Health Insurance

    Out of concern for the health and welfare of all our students, Emma Willard School requires that every student be covered by a comprehensive injury and sickness plan, one that meets the high cost of medical services and is accepted by local providers and practitioners. As such, we offer a health insurance plan for our families that will provide the coverage for your child required by the school. Enrollment in this plan is required for international students. Please contact Laura Bernard, Director of Business Services and Financial Aid, for more information at
  • Arrival at School

    New international students and their families should plan to arrive at Emma Willard School on Sunday, August 25, 2019, between 8:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. If you arrive in the area with family members or a guardian before Sunday, you may make arrangements to stay at a local hotel. All students should submit the online arrival plans form so that we will know when to expect you. New international students who are traveling by themselves are invited to arrive and move into their rooms after noon on Saturday, August 24, 2019. If you are traveling unaccompanied by an adult to the Albany Airport, Albany-Rensselaer train station, or Albany Greyhound bus station, and would like to have a school representative meet you on your arrival, please fill out the request for transportation form (coming soon).
  • Travel

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  • Money

    It is helpful to have some United States currency (money) on hand before you arrive in the U.S. You may need cash for meals or snacks, taxi fares, and tips. If you have an automated teller machine (ATM) card or debit card, you can get cash from an ATM in the airport when you arrive; ATM’s often provide the best exchange rate and are easy to use. However, it is not safe to carry a large amount of cash. Be especially careful with your money in New York City.

    You will receive information about the Emma Willard School SmartCard from the Business Services Office. The SmartCard will allow you to make purchases at the Emma Willard school store easily. For other spending needs, we recommend that you maintain an account at a local bank. You will have an opportunity to open a bank account when you arrive at school. In a local bank account, you can safely keep large sums of money for travel, shopping, etc. You can withdraw money from your account as you need it by using the ATM card that you will receive from the bank. There is an ATM on campus right outside the school store. You should never keep large amounts of cash in your room or send cash through the mail.
  • Jet Lag

    When you travel to the United States, you will probably experience jet lag, that feeling of exhaustion and disorientation that results from traveling across multiple time zones. Experts say that it can take as long as a day for every time zone crossed to recover from jet lag and feel “normal” again. Fortunately, young people often adjust more quickly than that!

    If you have somewhere to stay before the opening of school, it is helpful to arrive in the U.S. a few days before registration day so that you can begin the adjustment process. Even spending one extra night in a hotel (or in your room, if you are traveling alone) will make the first day or two easier for you.
  • Vacations

    Please review the Academic Calendar page which includes the Vacation Travel Planning Calendar for 2019-2020.
  • Expectations for International Students

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