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Spring Showcase
Signature Showcase 2022


Discussion on Signature projects in the Finance category will take place at 10:15 a.m. in Wadsworth (Kellas), featuring Wendy C. ’23, Jennie C. ’23, and Victoria K. ’22.

Wendy C. ’23

Data Analytics: A Research into the Field of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency has increasingly gained immense popularity over the recent years to become a very valuable and lucrative form of money. This raised the question: “Does cryptocurrency have longevity? Should people still trust and invest in it?” Through the use of data analytics, my two-year project aims to examine this topic in depth. This year, I researched cryptocurrency's trend in different countries around the world and made inferences about how and why cryptocurrency's transactions in different countries look the way they do. I found that high cryptocurrency adoption is more prevalent in developing countries—like Pakistan and India—and inversely, less in countries with established economies—like the United States. Concurrently, I started a self-paced course—called Data Scientist with Python career track—to learn data analytic techniques and prepare for next year's analysis.

Jennie C. ’23

No Eco No Me: A Magazine About the Environment and the Economy

A study of economical impact on eco-friendly business owners (not people who sell eco-friendly products, but people who changed their business style to a more eco-friendly way) 

Since I was a little girl, I knew that I wanted to contribute to the environment when I grew up. It was my dream to make an impact by changing social attitudes toward sustainability. Although environmental movements are happening globally, I can still observe a distinguishable barrier between people who care and people that do not. I wanted to make an impact not just to the small number of existing sustainability advocates but all across the globe. I asked myself: how could I intrigue people? What would seize their attention? Money. Money was the key to capture all the outsiders of the sustainable realm. If I can spread the message that the economy and the environment are strongly connected and that sustainability is monetarily more efficient, couldn't I bring more people into this change? Therefore, for this signature project I started this magazine called 'No Eco No Me,' a magazine sharing issues about the environment and the economy. My goal is not just to spread messages and cause an impact. I envision a world where sustainable living is inevitably deeply saturated among our society.

Victoria K. ’22

Financial Literacy: Why And Who Would Benefit From It?

My Signature project this year was a continuation of last year’s project, “What is Financial Literacy and why is it important?” researching niche groups of refugees, immigrants, and students. I have taken this whole year to make a financial literacy class that is accessible and available to everyone. Luckily, Emma is offering an official financial literacy class starting in the spring of 2023 and I had an opportunity to work on the curriculum with Mr. LaFave by sharing our lesson plans. I currently have five financial literacy lessons made among topics such as college costs, wants vs. needs, importance of financial literacy and more. Following the financial literacy lessons, I have activities to go with each lesson. In this presentation, I will be going over the importance of financial literacy programs, as well as some important topics.

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