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Spring Showcase
Signature Showcase 2022


Discussion on Signature projects in the STEM 2 category will take place at 1:15 p.m. in the Upper Library (Dietel), featuring Victoria H. ’23, Shing H. ’22, Bailey L-L. ’23, Stella L. ’23, Anita M. ’23.

Victoria H. ’23

Study of Pond Water Quality 

The objective of my project is to study factors that may have caused an overgrowth of algae in the pond located in the Estate of Chadds Ford, PA, as well as to understand the environmental impact on its ecosystem. By knowing what is in the water and factors that may have caused the overgrowth, I can further understand the environmental impact of the pond water and potential solutions to control the algae growth. I observed the water surface and weather conditions and recorded water samples that were taken throughout the year. The water samples tested for the pH levels, bacteria counts, and other chemicals present in the water. From my results, I was able to identify the main types of algae present in the pond which included Cyanobacteria and Chromerida, and found that the most important factors associated with the algae growth were water and air temperatures as well as human activities such as applying pesticides and fertilizer.

Shing H. ’22

Physics and Engineering of Air Ambulance

My Signature project is about introducing air ambulances to high school students. This project focuses on two parts: the general introduction of the air ambulance, and the engineering and challenges behind medical aircraft. I first started my project by doing research on the general use of air ambulances. I gathered my information mainly from government military emergency centers all over the world. After developing a general understanding, I dived deeper into the advantages and challenges of air ambulances. This helped frame my essential question: how do the designs of aircraft and medical equipment adjusted to overcome the challenges of the air medical services? To help answer this question, I created a 2D model of a medical aircraft to show the use of space in the medical aircraft with descriptions of the specific designs. Lastly, to complete my goal for the project, I created a website and continuously posted articles to provide a platform for high school students to learn about air ambulances.

Bailey L-L. ’23

Health Psychophysiology: Exploring Mind-Body Interactions

The goal of this project was to explore the field of health psychophysiology from a variety of perspectives. To accomplish this, there are two parts to the project: assisting in an experiment at a local college exploring mind-body interactions, and learning about the research process as a whole. The experiment (of which I am officially a co-investigator) looks specifically at how psychological stress impacts the effect of a motion sickness stimulator on nausea felt by the participant. In this process, I’ve learned a lot about both objective and subjective measurements of physiological symptoms. To measure subjective symptoms, we ask a series of questions before, during, and after about current symptoms. For more objective symptoms, we use multiple tools such as an electrocardiogram (EKG) and an electrogastrogram (EGG). It’s been incredibly interesting to see how connected the “hard” data of physiological symptoms, like heart rate, is to the participant’s reports of feeling more subjective symptoms, like nausea. As for learning more about the research process as a whole, I’ve been able to look at almost all aspects of the process through both experience and other reading. I’ve completed the official ethics training for human subjects research, and I’ve read many articles about past studies pertaining to mind-body interactions, especially with regard to nausea. I’ve also helped to input data from past experiments, and I’ve been able to help conduct several actual trials of the experiment. All of these experiences have helped me accomplish my goal of learning about how the research process works, and it’s been a fascinating journey.

Stella L. ’23  

Generalizing Mathematician Leonhard Euler's Papers

Often regarded as the most prolific mathematician in history, Leonhard Euler published more than 850 papers during his career. Since the papers mainly targeted academicians, the preliminary sections and his proofs for theorems and corollaries are often very succinct and sometimes omitted. As a result, Euler's papers are generally inaccessible to the general public. This updated version aims to fill in these missing pieces, including a preliminary section with number theory definitions, remarks, and more detailed proofs. This update aims to reduce the paper’s assumptions on readers' mathematical background and make it accessible to a wider audience.

Anita M. ’23

Postpartum Depression

My Signature project focuses on educating people about postpartum depression (PPD). I decided to research PPD because it involves neuroscience and psychology, which are subjects I am interested in. My experience of making an infographic about brain disorders in my neuroscience class inspired me to research more about brain disorders. I made several infographics about PPD, and each of them has an engaging topic. In this way, the audience could learn the fundamental knowledge first, which helps the audience understand the key points in the following infographics. Through this project, I have come to understand PPD better, and I learned more about how our brain, glands, and psychological state affect us, humans.

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